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Spike x Rarity is my OTP so I'm always down for more of that. And I've always loved Coco and the adorable dynamic she brings to this relationship.
I would like to see more of this story and were it will lead.

We need as many chapters as possible.

Kicking off on Chapter 2 now. Glad to see so many people are enjoying this.

Spike plus a hot tub always ends well.

Quite the steamy story you made! Gotta hand it to ya, you made this very enjoyable with how ya lead into the good stuff! Hope ya don't mind, but I made a little reading on your story!

Audio Linky!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5x8-dPBqLaQ

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment!)

Nice short story. Like how you went Full Anthro, instead of that half human/anthro cop out. Thanks for that!

Derpi # for cover?

Oh, we are most certainly looking forward to more chapters. That stay needs to be documented :)

God damn this was hot! I would love to see a chapter 2 or a sequel to conclude their trip.

Great chapter!

Another chapter would be great please!

There were some grammatical errors here and there, but still, good stuff!

Whoops, wasn't trying to troll. Just put in the wrong number.

Oh, sorry! Sometimes people link to that image as a joke, I just assumed that's what you were doing! :pinkiehappy:

One more chapter! Coco needs a good time too!

There needs to be more to this. I love me some Sparico.

Skinny dipping next? Damn, we'll soon be stepping up to some full blown exhibitionism.

Yep, working on it now. Should be out by around Sunday or Monday.

I agree. this is only the beginning of the best vacation ever.

I suppose this deserves the Aquaphilia folder now.

Coco needs some one-on-one time with Spike.

You should do more Sparico fics.

That's Sparity
Sparico = Spike x Rarity x Coco.

Love it and I'm up for more sparico or sparity!

Looking my bookshelf, and finding this story reminded me of my early days on fimfiction.

It's giving me very mixed messages.

I get that, I feel that any time I look at Past Sins. Those were some fun times.

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