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The best kind of lewd! Well. One of the best.

Just as cute and wholesome as I thought it would be! Splendid work as always :heart:

Thank you for your help in editing it!

Luna then departed, leaving Celestia confused but suspicious at the excuse of needing to visit Twilight at the castle in Canterlot.


This has been a cute read so far - I adore Celestia and Sunburst's interactions

Aww, was hoping for an ending where Luna pervs on them :(
Pretty cool though, there is so little good straight Celestia lewds

I thought about that as a possible ending, but wanted something kinda more wholesome for this story. I did do a story with that ending sort of in Flashing the Sun, though she's more or less just watching than acting on anything.

Right! All done, and my, that was a lovely story :twilightsmile: As I said before, I just love Celestia and Sunburst's interactions here, it's very endearing from the two of them.

“Wh...why?” Sunburst almost scoffed, “You’re...you’re amazing! You’re radiant. Your smile can light up a whole room. You laugh and the world seems brighter for it. T-there’s all kinds of reasons.” He sputtered for a second before finding himself. “I-I’m not the best with this kind of thing. I’m not...I’m not a smooth charmer. But if you’re asking for a judgment call on your looks, trust me; you’ve got nothing to worry for. You just have to be you; that’s all you need.”

Aww. This was personally the cutest moment :twilightsmile:

All in all, excellent work!

Thank you very much! I'm glad folks are enjoying the new ship. Hopefully it encourages more to write it as well!

Next thing you know they're going to be doing degenerate things like hoof holding.

Well, there is cheek touching, snuggling, nuzzling...somehow I did not include hoof holding. To be fair, the hooves were busy elsewhere.

Glad to have helped out! It really turned into something touching, cute, and, of course, very hot.

Delightfully wholesome and well written. Well done!

Comment posted by Steel Quill deleted Aug 2nd, 2020

We humans have always been lewd and poetic in equal measure.

Oops, I misclicked there. But yes, thank you! The whole Callipygous thing still boggles my head. But it works for this story!

If you'd like, I do have some clop ideas that I don't have time for but you might.

I always like hearing ideas, but I do have a couple things already jotted down for what to do next. Or sorta do; the list is always changing around.

Well we can at least chat about them and maybe help eachother out.


Next thing you know you're going to be doing vanilla married pregnancy sex. What is the world coming to.

This story does warrant a favorite. Good work.

I must R&R this!

You’re more than welcome to!


I know I say that a lot, but I do mean to. Always feel free to call me out if I've forgotten, i don't promise in bad faith.


Nice. Needs continuation.

Read. Review to follow.

I have no plans currently, but hey! A new ship means anything could come about.



IMHO, Sunburst and Moondancer are destined to be together. If Celestia claims him (better her than Starlight Glimmer, I guess), who should Moondancer find much-deserved love with? Microchips' ponyland-equivalent? Maybe Stygian?

Hmm...I've never really thought about who I'd put Moondancer with, in terms of romance. An old story I did awhile back, Professional Misconduct, had her actually paired with Thorax in the background of the main story. Granted, the story itself was an AU, so all kinds of things were different. I'd have to do some research and reading to really decide an in-canon romance for Moony.

Tiny typo:

He told her, waving a hoof before reaching into his saddlebag and pulling out an aged textbook, it’s green cover

its green cover

But with one singular alicorn, one gets free reign to try them out!”

give free rein (idiom's about horse reins)

Comment posted by an1979 deleted Aug 7th, 2020

Chapter #2

And it’s yearning will be mighty.

The alicorn stayed close, glad her mane was still in it’s braid


The pose was a unique one: the alicorn’s mane billowed around her head, framing it and giving a true depiction of it’s rumored

Her rump, fully on display in all it’s hefty glory,


How she’d gone so long without the carnal delight of a lover to fulfill her like Sunburst was mystified Celestia.

Celeburst, eh?

Colliding suns... hot. :rainbowlaugh:

I like this story .

Best sort of Lewd :)

. “If it was an emergency, would I still be in my bathrobe?” she added aloud before turning to her guest. “I apologize, Sunburst. Even with Luna and I being outside of politics and rulership, old habits of the ponies still remain.”

Uhh yes!! Twilight would take care of it!!

Made a new ocean!?

Also who's houses are now underwater!?

“It breaks the boredom of being retired.” she giggled when she pulled back, prompting a huff of laughter out of the unicorn before her.

It's incredible how charming and approachable you write her. Just like in the show 1:1. So is sunburst!

Well done. Can't wait to finish it

“Tis a nice hat.”

Hahaha. Indeed

“W-well. In for a bit, out for a bag they say.” .”

Give a finger take the hand.

“No, no,” she reassured him, “but I’m very flattered you think I have a generous and healthy backside.”

Old news.

Nice chapter! :yay:

His spell, for the good it meant to do, has tampered with the magical intent of the spell

Ri-iight..... :ajbemused:

I’m not the best under scrutiny like that. Reminds me too much of mom back home

When in doubt, always bring up your mommy issues. Ponies love that! :trollestia:

I was hoping Celestia's nickname would be "Celly". Honestly, the only other nick names I can think of are "'tia", and "Sun-butt", the former being a bit cliché, and the latter being downright insulting.

Fantastic Story. ^^ Sunburst was great and sweet Celestia is the best. XD

No one:

Ancient ponies: "Damn dat ass be fat."

This was a great read I did enjoyed the slow burn romance between the two of them and not just focus on the character development then just the lust part

A friend and I were pondering...
If Trixie and Starlight were to be together...

Could LusterDawn be the child of Celestia and Sunburst!?
Mane seems wavy. Somewhat like Celis eternal one. And Celi (when young) had pinkish fur^^ (rest comes from Sunburst)

I would love the Idea of Luster being Celi's/SBs child and Twilights student - and Twilight being a student of Celi as a child...

It has a nice 'circle of life' ring to it :))
Twi will teach Luster whatever Celestia taught her! :]

*hint hint* SEEEQUEELL XD ???
Me= very subtle!

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