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Hmm...They have hands and feet and such. Call it what you will, I just have a general definition of Anthro

Who cares how anthro they are. That was great! Best Redheart clop I have yet read. Well done, author.

4714833 Thank you very much! May I ask what stood out for you as good/great?

4714865 Well first of all, good job on a new ship. I have never even seen Night Watch used in a story before, well played.

Second, it was a very nice set-up. Usually, I wouldn't make it through a one-shot clopfic that is 12,000 words long. However, you were able to keep my attention the entire time, even before the actual clop. The whole "Redheart feeling like her life is stuck and not in a good place" was great. One could make a whole story out of that idea.

Thirdly, the clop itself was fantastic. One part sexy nurse fantasy (a given, but still) and one part just hot lovemaking. Very sexy.

Oh, and I also enjoyed the dialogue between Redheart and Sweetheart. The usually straightlaced Redheart having a horny friend was a nice touch.

“The day I date that skirt-chaser is the day Discord renounces his ways and asks Celestia for her hand in marriage.”

Well that will be soon


1. Taiwanese (and very talented) DeviantArt(ist) shepherd0821 provides a Pony-Anthro-Human scale that is generally accepted by the overall brony community. This is probably what Cadances Paladin is referring to.

2. Your cover image would be level 2 (humanoid, but hooves instead of hands still). Your fan-fiction itself would be level 3-4 (depending upon how you envision it).

3. A Technical Writing note as well: you keep switching between "mare / stallion" and "woman / man"; might want to do an editing clean-up sweep. Or have your Editor &/or Proofreader(s) do so.

I liked... Very much...

4714983 Ahh, I see. Thank you for showing me this, I'll make better use of it. And I'll remember to check my wordplay, hehe. :twilightsmile:

“The day I date that skirt-chaser is the day Discord renounces his ways and asks Celestia for her hand in marriage.”

Please make it so. It would be a perfect sequel. :pinkiehappy:

On another note cool story. :moustache:

oh, oh, oh that was great. I would never thought of matching up nurse red heart and night watch; granted I still think they need to changed his name. Seriously, night watch why not Vigilant that sounds cool. (pouting face) anyways I'm going to beg now. Please please please please please write one with Soren and applejack pretty please. :applecry:

The fuck did i just read and why do i have to take a shit

4716523 I do have one story in mind already for Applejack, but I'm not using Soarin for that one. Maybe in another one after it, perhaps. All in good time. :twilightsmile:

4716737 Awwwwww, :raritydespair: oh, okay. well I guess I have something to look forward to, right. hey!:pinkiegasp: maybe I can make up a guessing game for which background pony your going use!:pinkiehappy:

Great job! The lemon was hot and the story was good...the only complaint is that the lemon wasn't as long as the other ones...but that is understandable, you had hiatus and stuff. I can't wait to see more from you.

4716974 To be honest, I thought about making it longer. But when it comes to writing these types of scenes, you go in with a good idea of just - to be frank - how well they'll go at it. In this case, these two have had time together beforehand, so it was more fulfilling the sexy nurse fantasy bit than being a full-fledged encounter.

Now, that said: the next one I write? Oh-ho-ho...that's gonna be a doozy.:raritywink:

4717047 Well, since this was my request, you don't have to do that Big Mac and Zecora one I requested earlier (I had no idea that you were working on this one at the time). That can be saved for later.

Again, excellent job. :ajsmug:

Wait. I do know where the cover came from

Congrats, man, you just been featured! :twilightsmile:

4717712 I've always been a bit confused by that...I mean, obviously, yay! But where exactly is it featured? :twilightblush:

4714983 That chart seems pretty bland in my opinion.

Uh, FIMFiction...

4717741 On the homepage, they have a list of 'featured' stories. Medical Relief was on there. Saw it myself. Feel proud, man, you earned it. :twilightsmile:


You are both free and encouraged to create, draw, and post an improved Pony-Anthro-Human scale/chart compared to DeviantArt(ist) shepherd0821's.

Until then, we use what we have. :ajsmug:

give it another season, or a few more hours, and someone will think of something

God, I love these types of clopfics. Highly erotic! Well done.

4719031 Haha, good guess! But the one I write for Applejack would be an OC more than a background character. The story I have in mind requires it, in my opinion. Though that is an interesting idea!

4719087 darn, and I was looking forward to guessing who is it.

Why the fuck you askin me I have no idea either

Sometimes, we all just need a little TLC.

Too true. :raritywink:

Holy..hell. That was so amazing! It had everything: noteworthy characters, likeable personalities, emotional conflict and build, romance, and the sec...God God that was incredibly written, a great balance of loving care and rough fantasy. Best Redheart fic ever.

4717741 featured ... In other words ... Welcome to the front page you deserved it

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4722137 This is...a good thing? :twilightsheepish:

4722170 Yea I truly love this story, If you see me post random stuff then I like it, by the way great story! :pinkiehappy:

I usually don't read clopfics, they generally make me uncomfortable, despite my clopper nature. But this was surprisingly well written! i was expecting a cheap fuck with a bit of an epilogue, but you humbly surprised me. A deep, meaningful relationship that unfold through time was met by a brief, lustfully yummy encounter. You have earned props from me my friend!
8 / 10 stars

Okay, THAT'S how you write porno, ladies and gentleman. :moustache:

It was adorable, they actually knew each other (to some extent), so it was not an obnoxious "Meet and Fuck" scenario, and the sex only took place several weeks after they got together. I like this ship a fair deal. This is professional work, and I LOVE IT.


Good on ya, b0ss. :yay:


Just pronounce it as boss. Watch some Filthy Frank vids to see where it stemmed from.

Ok, I am about half way through and I gotta say, this is one of the sweetest clopfics I've ever read. I mean..bravo, great writing, and I look forward to reading more!

4723859 Feel free to check out my other stories as well if you want more!

..... I like it. That's all. That is all I have to say about this. Have a Celestia:trollestia: and a twilight:twilightsmile: I will now proceed to follow you and recover from stomach sickness will reading your other stories. I will see you later

This story was really good, as for the clop, first time a clop made me horny, good job sir 10/10 would clop again.

good story:eeyup:


Im copying that for later use:rainbowlaugh:

Finally! A love story that:

{a} Isn't about lesbians (nothing wrong with that, but it's all I can find)
{b} Isn't ALL about hot sex
{c}Accurately portrays romance and how people/ponies think in that way (I think)
{d} Is so detailed and just amazing.

10/10 :moustache:

4734955 Thank you so much! :twilightsmile: I like to aim for that romantic touch, hehe.

4750358 Well, in the context of the story, Sweetheart was referring to how Granny Smith, despite being one of the oldest ponies in ponyville, still gets up to shenanigans that most wouldn't expect of her. How one defines "shenanigans" is up to the reader's imagination. :raritywink:

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