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Steel Quill

A pony with too much time on his hooves and too much plot to work with, in more ways than one. Porn Pope (TM). Also on FA!

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This is peak gaming right here.


Gamer Luna is best Luna.

I was tempted to make console jokes for the story, but I held off. I think it would've took me too long!

She was fun to write! I never had taken on the idea until now. It was a change of pace!

Once again fantastic work Steel Quill😍

Is there a possibility for a sequel or prequel ?

With this being a commissioned work, that may rely on the commissioner themselves. But never say never!

Thank you very much!

So what story will you write next with that Quill of Steel of yours? 🪶

Well, I’ll actually be taking some time off to recharge a bit because I’m going to do NaNoWriMo in November. So I won’t be up for doing erotica again till probably December at the earliest. I gotta put that on a blog post as well soon.

Well,you rest up my friend. Have a happy Thanksgiving and I hope to see you again soon around the holidays. 🙂

Another awesome story

I'm not even reading the story, I just like the idea of gamer Luna and Spike not being welded to Twilight.

but a phat-booty luna helps too lol

That was amazing.

I just love Spike X Luna

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