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Claws And Hooves


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I like it so far but you neeeeeeeeeeeed an editor or proof reader

I'd be willing to do both if you can't find one

I stopped reading this story. Where is it going? Why is this talking about a story where a Queen steals some kids and no one cares for it?

Fuck, why am I learning?


If you are serious then send me a message and we can talk about it, however you may want to wait till the next chapter to see where this is going. The fetish tag is there for a reason

You don't like a "story" where the juvenile janitor of the show is a breeding specimen (somehow) in amateur fiction? A stud that (apparently) now acts on Court orders?

Comment posted by diablo4000 deleted Oct 26th, 2018

Nice ass play. Is she getting him ready for later on? :trollestia:

Spike really knows his shit when it comes to royal business. Keep up the good work, dude!:moustache:

That last was something that has started to bother him, true he was a little taller then more standers but by dragons standers he was dwarf. The shortest dragons he knew was his friends Mina and Ember but they were still as tall of Princess Luna who was giant by pony standers.

The word you're looking for here is "standards".

Eh..the part about him obeying and not knowing why makes it seem non-con which kills it for me sorry.

Wait, he mated his mares before summoned to Canterlot?
.................well played. :moustache:

So he rut ladies when he has to perform 'his Canterlot duties'? (laughs) duties.

What makes you think the princesses aren't the only ones who were getting rutted by Spike?

This is amusing, hope Spike can marry all of them.

Lol it will be funny for sure when he finds out he knocked up Dash. And by now the princesses are for sure knocked up. I can't wait for Spike to talk to the girls about what he is and him figuring out and coming to terms with it. I mean he might not be okay with it right off the back. It is like finding out you were born and bred to be a fuck toy for someone. You never had the chance to be anything else. I think having the girls talk to him not as a fuck toy but as a person would be something to help him, even more so if Dash talk to him and let him know he is going to be a father, he is going to have a family now. I think once it gets out I hope HOPE it doesn't rush from there but we get to see him spend time with each girl he is involved with, go on a date or just spend time with them so we get to see how they interact and how close they are before we get to a clop with each girl. I think it would be fun to see him be the first for each CMC now that he knows what he is. It could be their first heat and the only one they could think of spending it with is Spike. But he ends up ruining them for anyone else lol.

I plead with you tho to PLEASE keep Cand out of this. She is married with a child and putting in NTR and/or Cucking will just ruin this story for me. Hell have Spike start to hook up with every maid and female guard in the castle before that happen just please avoid that. I like this story too much to have it turn my stomach with Cand showing up. Let Spike be a good guy and not involved with married or taken ponies please.

Judging by what Luna had written in her note (and Spike's mention of Rarity sucking on his toes), this story seems like it'll be going to uncomfortable places in terms of fetishes.

I think that would depend on what you find uncomfortable in terms of fetishes. Either way if you're fine with these chapters then you will probably fine with what comes next.

Comment posted by Claws And Hooves deleted Nov 6th, 2018

Probably should let you know that this isn't plan to be a very long one but it is plan to be the first in a series

Depends on what they are. I kinda mostly skipped the clop scene cause the first half is kinda disgusting.

You do know I been putting warnings about what is it this right?

I get that. But it would be nice to see one shots or something in this universe with a chapter for each girl, showing off his relationship with them and than a clop for them. Idk I just think seeing the dynamic between him and each girl would be super interesting since it seem surprisingly Dash has the biggest connection or at least the strongest feelings for him. And I didn't see Rarity having a foot fetish coming at all, well with her being the one to do the worshiping that is. She seem like the type to enjoy having someone do that to her, Dash SUPER seem like the type to do that since we know she has SUPER sensitive hoofs. Shy of course would be into some S&M bonadage thing with some slave pay, didn't see the yaoi thing tho lol. It could be that her and Discord have more fun than we knew originally lol.

The hoof/foot thing and the yaoi thing are old fandom jokes, as to the rest you will have to wait till this one is done and see for yourself

Do you still need an editor? Because I'm available.

At this point. Can you really be picky. Any editor will help.

I'm the editor for The BabsXHuman Clop Saga, An Assistant Tailor and A Handyman At Equestria and Don't judge a book by its cover, to name a few.

Message me and we will talk about it

Hmm. Its just you really could use an editor. But ok.

Not to sound rude or anything, but some sections of this chapter were a bit unreadable due to some grammar errors.

This was a interesting chapter. I love that instead of Cad being a romantic option she is more of a troll to everyone. She is encouraging this greatly doing her role as the princess of love lol. It will be too funny when the unleash Spike on the maids and Guards. I hope t see ones from all ages and sizes be pounced on by him. From teen to gilf, if they want him and are single he will have them lol. I am shocked ALL the girls are knocked up but that is a interesting twist, even more so that they apparently had a orgy. I have no idea how that happen but I am sure Spike had a good day with that one lol. I still get the feeling Spike has already been the CMC's and best chance most of the students at the friendship school's first. He is the hot young teacher that has been working through the female students whenever they hit on him. It is just funny this is a short story when it is setting up for SOOOO many follow ups lol. and sequel one offs to this.

What are somnophilia and forniphilia?


That drake's gonna have kirin foals running around when he gets home.

Love happy endings. :heart: :moustache: :heart:

Somnophilia, being arouse by doing it when one person is asleep

Forniphilia, being arouse when one person is being treated like furniture

That simplest way to put it anyway

Why would there be teens and gilfs working for in the royal guard and royal maids?

Also I did say that the mane 6 were his first in chapter 2, and I did say there would be sequels for this

Spike would make a great dad. Sure he be crying tears of joy holding his babies in his arms.

I can see Teens working as maids at the castle, and most have the older head maids. But even older mares like Mayor Mare need loving too lol.

I want to see what happens

Holy shit that was hot, please update.

I know the fetish stuff like the arm up the a** should be a bit uncomfortable to read for most… but the way you write is makes it mildly hilarious for me to imagine :rainbowlaugh:

here are my thoughts on the story

"I said we need to make sandwiches the official food of Canterlot!"

Celestia: *under breath* me and Luna should definitely be the bread for spikes meat.
court pony1: What?
Celestia: Just saying how much I love the idea.

"And that why we need to outlaw none ponies from going to school!"

Celestia: *under breath* Seems I'm not the only one that needs a good dicking.
court pony2: What?
Celestia: Thanks for you for sharing concerns come again.

"How do I legally change my name?"

Celestia: I can change it right now, its, *feels spike thrust* oh fuck.
court pony3: What?
Celestia: goodbye Howard the duck... which is what I said.

"Donkeys are coming for our stallions, we have to stop them!"

Celestia: Looking at you I don't think the donkeys are to blame.

"Can I name other ponies' kids after brand name cheeses?"

Celestia:*feels spike thrust again* OH YES
court pony5: Thank you I can't wait to tell little gouda.

"This is why dragons belong in zoos!"

Celestia: I know one that's a beast alright.

"Lets rename a day of the week after Princess Twilight!"

Celestia: That's called Tuesday... I've had the ability to see into the future for a while.

Eh, I think the joke went on too long, but I started it and thought I might as well to finish the joke.

Wow this is a good chapter.

That's some strong arm she got, and I know a strong arm when I feel one!

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