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Steel Quill

A pony with too much time on his hooves and too much plot to work with, in more ways than one. Also on FA!

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Looks very good Quill!

Thank you very much! :twilightsmile:

You're welcome.

I'm still kinda curious if Vinyl going to be part of action.

I haven't made plans yet on how things continue with Vinyl. But, it's fun to keep the door open. I'll just have to see what sort of inspiration strikes me!

Giant anime titties. 👌

Could there be a chance you write a chapter about the public reaction to Octavia and Copper's relationship?

Well, I do try to add touches of realism to my stories when I can. And such an aspect of their relationship wouldn't be ignored just to make things easy. To me, that would be one of the core parts of that type of relationship: how does the significant other handle the responses to the unique relationship they're in?

I loved reading this one, and the ending was fun as well.

If you're wanting to go that far with Octy and Copper's relationship I'm surprised that you haven't made a complete storyline out of the three chapters you have already

Really, so far, each chapter I’ve done has been in chronological order. So they’re all connected so far. If I upend it, I would probably state such before the story began, like maybe a side piece or such

I kept expecting Copper's parents to show up while he and Octavia were in the hot tub

I'm really jealous of Copper. I'd love to meet a girl who towers over me the way Octavia does him

I had considered that as an idea, but while the comedy potential was there, it would’ve derailed the scene too much. So I chose to pass on it.

I like OctaviaxCopper stories.
Thanks Steel.

I hope you can make a FilthyJack fic one day.
Have a nice day

Please make a sequel where Vinyl gets be a part of their relationship if possible. :twilightsmile:

What I am waiting for is the parents reaction to finding out Octavia is the GF. THAT is gonna be interesting. Also I absolutely love this series.

Steel Quill, you god damn genius.

Steel Quill, you have out done yorself.
Thanks for the fantastic story.
Good plot and character interactions, wonderful smut, as well as Vinyl and her shenanigans.
All in all 10/10 story

TFW no big tiddy amazon musician gf :fluttershysad:

A great conclusion for this trilogy :heart: I love how their relationship evolved from the first story, it's lewd and heartwarming at the same time. I hope you'll consider writing a continuation or at least an extra chapter in the future

The door hasn’t been closed on this one just yet! We’ll just have to see where inspiration carries me :raritywink:

I kinda wanna see more, but I understand if this is a "too much of a good thing" situation.


Thank you very much! I’m glad ya’ll enjoyed it so much :twilightsmile:

Glad to hear that :rainbowkiss: I hope either for a beach episode or one about a date (with sexy interactions in a mall dressing room or at a restaurant)

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This Octavia series just keeps getting better and better. I can't get enough of the buxom musician.

... And, apparently, neither can Copper. :trollestia:

So now they have officially become a couple. I wonder how they will handle the public reactions to their relationship.

I'm also anxious about how Copper's parents will feel about this. :twilightoops:

Another excellent story, Steel.

For the love of god. I could have read this a few days ago, but I only found out about it today. I weep.

Also, this was hot af and has left me curious about possible future stories with people's reactions to their new relationship and hopefully more threesomes with that minx Vinyl.

All that glitters is not gold. This story's a bad example of that quote, because it is pure glistening gold, polished in the finest of Octavia's juices.

As I told another, the door is not closed on this series; it will only reach it's conclusion when I write the words "The End" at the end of the tale. There's still plenty of shenanigans for Copper and Octavia - and yes, even Vinyl! - to get up to. We just have to see what happens. :raritywink:

I imagine a scene about Octavia being approch by somes adult guys and get into a fight with Copper after she says he's with her, but being saved in the last second by Octavia who beat the shit out of them.

Incredible work as always quill, can only hope you have more masterpieces on the way!

There is one in the works! Masterpiece, though, is to be determined by you lot, not I. I am aiming to try and have it out around next week, if I can keep to schedule. Keep your eyes peeled!

know your millions of fans wait with anticipation 😉

or even better, Rosemary discovers about Octavia and Copper, decides to release her frustration by revealing the thruth on social networks (or eventually blackmailed them)

More! I demand more! I'm still waiting for Vinyl to join them in a menege a trois and for all those creampies to bite Tavi in her thicc ass.

As well written as ever!

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