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Wow! This was fantastic, author! The Spike chapter was a bit stale, but the first one was really great. And then that second chapter! Such a fitting worship to the best part of the female body! Please tell me you'll be doing more butty goodness in the future!

5702466 I can, easily. I just have to find a story to suit it. If you want to see more of it, check out my Pinkie Pie stories. In the future, though, there will certainly be more plot written. :raritywink:

Money don't grow on trees....

Anyway, I guess I can say I liked the last one best.
I got a soft spot for the spa twins. :rainbowlaugh:

5702466 Are you sure? Because butts are found on both male and female. But bewbs...now that's something I can really enjoy. But I can respect your opinion.

Heh, this was a very pleasant read.
Kudos to you, author.

not a bad story, personally I think that this series of stories needs to cotinue.

And that's why he's called Big Mac.

That would explains her disappearances.

Rumors say reptiles like the dragons have more than one manhood

Did a reading of this fic, it can be found here:

5851992 :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:

This is so unexpected! I never thought anyone would enjoy my stories enough or deem them worthy of a reading! Thank you so much! :rainbowkiss:


You lucky bastard :derpytongue2: I've been looking for someone to do a reading of my fics, yet the only person I had managed to talk to had disappeared on me. Anyways, congrates :twilightsmile:

when spike said 'randy', i couldnt help thinking of this

This... hit so many sweet spots, it was delicious to read.

The pervert in me wants for a continuation, because as it just got started, it ended...:fluttercry: Damn teases!! :raritycry:

But the sane part of me can see that we know where this was gonna to go, especially with that last line "Wait until you ride him. You'll be seeing stars for a week." So I can understand why it was trunctated at that point; anyone could get a pretty good idea what was gonna happen after that sentence. And at that point you can just say "you've seen one Mac/Cheerilee/Fluttershy threesome, you've seen them all".

But still wanted to see it though. I get it that Mac's day off would pretty much be an all-day affair, what with Cheer and now Shy want to get closer to each other and they are in the privacy of a forest and swimming hole that nopony except Mac and Cheerilee know about.

I liked this one

very hawt and sweet even

Went to the Trixie chapter, but there's no Spike.

Went to the Spike chapter, but there's no Trixie.

Another bust. Those two never fucking do anything together.

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