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785291 Thank you for the entertaining story :D

Hey, thanks for the fav!

And that's sadly how you seem when you make those comments about him being slow.

Know that both he and I will appreciate the lack of them :pinkiesmile:


Right...gotta learn that some people aren't up for a joke, that's actually gotten me in trouble more times then I like to remember. I'll lay off him for good, I'll even drop the jokes.

I just barely got to know him and I don't want him to think poorly of me because I seemed impatient.

It's all fine if it was someone else, I think, but when you're as stressed as he is, then you don't take that kinda stuff as fun, especially not when we (a group of us have a skype group) have teased him with it before until he blew up and, well, got really, really pissed.

  • Viewing 10 - 14 of 14
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