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Mare Serenitis

It's cold outside, and there's no kind of atmosphere. I'm all alone, more or less.

Action & adventure are tedious.
Character interaction and worldbuilding are superior.

These are not 'fashionable' views, yet they are all I have.
Downvotes are nothing personal. If I've given you a DV it's becasue your story looked like it would be something I'd enjoy, but after reading a chunk of it I'd be like This isn't my jam, at all... and that feels pretty rubbish.
If you add your story to multiple folders in any given group I will DV that sucka because it is essentially spam.

Things I Like:
Background characters brought to life.
Humans and Ponies being excellent to each other.
Authors who take the time and care to be consistent within their own stories.
Rich sources of Feels.

Things I Don't Like:
2nd Person narrative. (I am getting more tolerant of this, slowly.)
Equestria Girls (fuck only knows why, it's all the same characters but it makes me cringe just looking at it.)
Anything involving nastiness happening to Ponies (I'm looking at you Fallout folks.)
Humanised and/or Anthro. (Depends on the author really).
People who add stories to every single category in a group. Groupspammers must die!
People who insist upon putting "sinister webs" and "dark plots" into otherwise perfectly fine character pieces.
Ancient and secret/hidden powers which suddenly appear - been done to death by everyone (including canon).
"Epic" tales. Because they never are anything of the sort.
Authors who shoehorn their own insanity into someone else's narrative world without even the tiniest concession to things like consistenecy with that narrative or common sense.
Authors who write sequels to wonderful character stories, but cannot resist the siren's call of bland adventure tales.

Chill dudes.
Like I mean, totally chill and listen to these mellow tunes.

Screensaver stuff I made on a whim (so I don't forget about it).
The 1st Nightmare
Luna a QT
Applejack, wat u doin?

So there's a new version of EPUB reader, and it's a bit derp.
If you have problems trying to change the background or text colours, you need to select the radio button then open the palette and pick a colour. Any, doesn't matter. THEN pick the one you want.
For whatever reason the reader ignores the first colour you pick.
Dude should have put a day/night button to just swap the colours over like the previous version, but whatev.

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Hello, sister closest to my heart. It was lovely to receive your letter, though I do hope you'll forgive me the delay in responding. I've been feeling quite above the weather recently, and it's only in the past week that things have been properly precipitous. A sky gravid with moisture but refusing to give up and do what's natural is a terrible thing.

Mother will deny it to the end of her days, but I'm still convinced she wrote your name wrong in the first place.

By the by, did you ever manage to get rid of those pesky landers? Awful rude of them to just land without even taking you to dinner first.

Thanks for favoriting Ghost Lights! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for adding Changeling Teacher to Cool Stuff! I hope you´re enjoying it! :rainbowkiss:

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