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I want nothing more than to bring a smile to your face with a light-hearted clopfic! If you want to bring a smile to mine, leave a comment!

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Sees Apogee cover


Reads description

:rainbowhuh: ...But he's already over 40...

??? Where you pulling that from?

Is that question directed at me?

Yeah? I'm not sure if I might have missed somewhere that jets age was mentioned.

Thanks shake, glad you enjoyed!

Any Landing You Can Walk Away From; Last chapter during the last bit of the 'glory hole' scene:

He almost couldn’t believe it… but it wouldn’t be long now before he came again… for what… the 5th time today? He didn’t know if he’d ever done that as a colt! Let alone a stallion over 40!

I knew as soon as I seen this picture, a story by you would soon follow. :rainbowlaugh:

I'll give it a read when I can and let ya know how it is. As if it won't be good, eh?

Oh yeah, I completely forgot that while reading

Great snag!

I'll back change that age, I see him more in his late 30s now.

Thank you so much for being so dedicated! Means a lot that you'd remember something like that!

Daww, thank you.

I'm actually nervous about this one, hope tht it's good.

Clops and Apogee -- name a more iconic duo

Ambiguous age (teenage)


Disclaimer: All ponies in all of my stories are over 10,000 years old in earth years as Equestria is at the base of a major gravity well.


So what you're saying is more foalcon.

Honestly, so far behind on so many of your stories. I'll try to catch up soon. Hopefully in two weeks.

that was one feral rutting alright xD

awesome story again :D about my favorite little pone no less ^^

Lol, I guess I have a reputation now.

I love when rutting sessions get really animalistic, definitely a fetish of mine.

Shakespearicles and Twicest.

Nah, I don't need dust in my mouth, haunted ghosts, or cobwebs on my dick from any of those alicorns.

The snack that smiles back Goldfish!

darf #21 · Feb 22nd, 2020 · · 1 ·

Disclaimer: All ponies in all of my stories are over 10,000 years old in earth years as Equestria is at the base of a major gravity well.

i really, really like this

So what can I say? Pretty much nothing except it is good. Really good.

Mid to late 30s sounds right to me. I usually read Apogee as about 16, and it is established somewhere (by Shino, I think) that Jet was college aged when he launched his rocket. I don't recall if it's made clear how far through college he was, but that covers an age range of 18-22.
Add a year for pregnancy and he's between 35 and 39, give or take, depending on how old you see Apogee as.

Plus 10000 years all around, of course.

A comment from the legend himself! I love so many of your fics dude!

Damn... That was loads of fun! :rainbowdetermined2: Well done :twilightsheepish: Best B-Day i guess :raritywink:

do you have a link or number for the image? went to pastil but didn't find it.

Thanks! I wish my birthdays involved blinking Apogee!

It's in the story. I had to break the link as per fimfic policy, but you can pull the number out of the text easily.

If you make any of that a story, I will haunt you forever.

Did they make you take the picture down?

Yep! I've added a placeholder for now. Picture can still be found elsewhere.

I love that we can write some bonkers-filthy porn, but hooboy if you show a booty you're in hot water. ;p

Stupid fimfiction policy 😠

This site was good until the new rules came.
You can't be created anymore :(

F*** fimfiction

I like this fic.
Too bad they change the OG placeholder pic.

The new rules are very strict.
I hate censorship 😡

I want to created something but I am afraid now.
I am lost of ideas...


Thanks for writing fics.
I like them a lot.
I am going to leave this site for a while.

Why the pic change?

Just gonna leave this random number here...


Thank you, good sir.


Hey guys, just want to state that I'm not upset with the decision at all. Site made a decision because the picture had elements of rather explicit fetish in it, even if it didn't have explicit bits in the crop.

It's a small price to pay for the incredible platform the site is . There's no easy way for them to screen lewd pictures, and people who just want SFW shouldn't be confronted with that.

I hope you all support the mods! I do!

Changing the cover was not a big deal!

still, i'd bet the only reason anything was done is because your one of the bigger authors, ive seen much more explicit pics on smaller stories never get changed

But... this pitchfork was non-refundable! What do I even do with a medieval torch?!

i agree, still a shame tho. got the picture from the source anyway ^^

Comment posted by Mimirol77 deleted Feb 24th, 2020

Hey there Clops, found some hidden gems for you.

“THat’s not like you.”

- "That's

Al he cared was that his

- All?

“Mmmnf! MMMF!:

- MMMF!"

come home with a colleague?”\

- Delete \

Very nice one-shot, can't wait to read more in the future. :twilightsmile:




I honestly haven't heard such childish stupidity in a long time. Thanks for the laugh.

how long til we get Apogee Impreg? how much dosh i need to give away?

Ehhhhh I don't think I'll be doing Gee impregnation.

Maybe, but I doubt it.

fuuuuuuuuk... but eh, that was pretty nice story eh?

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