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I want nothing more than to bring a smile to your face with a light-hearted clopfic! If you want to bring a smile to mine, leave a comment!

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Obligatory Star Wars quote: "This is where the fun begins."

Been looking forward to this since I seen you post about it! Gonna be a wonderful read for sure!:yay:

About halfway through, I noticed that my eyes were watering. Damn ninjas cutting onions in here.

Well played good sir, well played.

This was good shit. Passionate, rewarding, and a great insight into these two characters. I can see you worked hard on it, and I'm glad to have read it! You kept me up an extra hour and a half, you fucker.

Thanks for sharing, though. Definitely worth the sleep I'll lose.

Awww thanks man! Much appreciated! Get some sleep now!

This was a great story, much like others here I stayed up later just to read this work about two of my fav characters in the MLP fandom. I am someone who honestly really wishes to see these two get along and progress together, for themselves and their daughter. But you did a great job of bringing to life that short comic and making us once again feel for these star crossed lovers.

If I had to make a plea or request, I would LOVE to see you do a Spike story one day. You do such a amazing job with all your stories I would just love to see you do one with my fav MLP character in the staring role.

Aww thank you man! It's quite a compliment when you actually give me precious sleeping time! I'm actually a bit embarrassed at the sentiment!

Also, I feel you. I want to see the two of them grow closer as well. There's a lot that needs to happen first though. This fic at least suggests the desire might be there!

As to Spike, I don't have much in the way of plans right now, but he may appear as a side or background character in my other works!

“Cyka blyat, dolboyeb...” she groaned to her sister, “he never stop talking about your wife while you fuck us.”


Hehehe was wondering if anyone would understand their CSGO troll Russian


Been way too long since I've seen a new fic with these characters ^_^

You can always rely on CFIC for a story that is both hot and heartwarming without feeling rushed or forced

Really enjoyed this chapter, well written and interesting, great build up to the fun and really strong grasp of all the characters. Thanks! Looking forward to persuing more tonight.

Ah, so this is the little side piece you've been working on.
What a delight to wake up to.

Just one tiny thing I found.

No… he relationship with Jet was complex

he never stop talking about your wife while you fuck us.”

I get that it's meant to be broken engligh, but did you mean 'You'?

.Jet had been sitting for hours in the dark, unable to sleep.

^ delete the first period

“I'm feeling all fucked up too," she said with a weary sigh. Before Jet had a chance to respond, she summoned all her venom and fire, staring daggers across the table. "But let me be crystal… bucking... clear.

I detest you."

This paragraph break looks weird. Perhaps adding in some ellipses instead?

"But," Delta said, awkwardly drawing a small circle on the table with her hoof, "The sex was okay, I guess."

Jet's left eyebrow raised a millimeter, causing Delta to huff and gesticulate animatedly with her hooves. "Alright, it was damn good sex. When you weren't too lazy to fuck me, of course."

When you make these breaks with the same speaker, it messes me up as to who is speaking. Unless it's more than one paragraph of monologue from the same pony, I tend to keep it all formatted into one paragraph.

She could see thing eventually leading to some tired but simple drunk sex

Delta’s jaw dropped open as she saw the liquor: a 60-year old bottle of Glenhooffich scotch whiskey. “Th-this… this is like… a 1500-bit bottle of scotch! It’s not shitty over-priced pretentious crap. This is a bucking masterpiece... Aaaaand we’re about to drink it out of plastic cups.”

As a keeper of some very fine bourbons in my cellar, I just wanted to tell you how viscerally painful this was to read.

“Just shut your eyes and let daddy Jet take care of you…”

:rainbowderp: Oooh ho hoo that was close. :rainbowkiss:

“F-fuck… I love… this…” Vee groaned out, unsure if she’d said or thought the forbidden phrase,
“I love… you..” She heard in her ears. She wasn’t sure who’d said it

Their theme song:

Thanks Shake! I agree with you on those changes, tuned it up a bit.

I thought Delta might beal a total wino in most things, but when it comes to quality liqueur she knows her stuff, and plastic cups are a travesty!

Glad you enjoyed Shake!

“Gud boy! You zee?” Hoofya purred, peeling back the now-sticky covers slowly, revealing her twin sister suckling at the glans of Jet’s cockhead. “World works so much better ven ponies stop with complicate…”

“...and just go for vat zey vant .” Hoofya cooed as she slid down and into her sister’s tongue, impaling herself on stallionflesh.

Best advice ever, right there:raritywink:.

She lit up another cigarette as she pondered what the invitation meant. Even worse, she wondered what the hell it meant that she’d been typing out in the chat box herself moments before: Delta: Hey. We need to talk.

She massaged her temples. How the fuck had this happened.

Her phone buzzed one more time, catching her attention.

Jet: Uh… actually… better make that 11AM.

On more round huh Jet:ajsmug:?

It continues! The spin-off from other authors are nice, but you can't beat the original creator. Drama and sex is still really entertaining. They're get together sometime later! Great job!:moustache:

This was surprisingly sweet, I'm glad curiosity drew me in.

She should have been completely miserable. Covered in ichor, sweat, fluids. Smothered by a heavy, hot stallion that she detested. Torn up and betrayed by her own body, revolting against her feelings, and shamefully defeated by nothing more complex than a pleasure high.

But here, in this sweaty, perfect moment.

She was content.

She snuggled into Jet’s chest, resting her head under his chin and letting herself be completely covered by him, connect to him, melded with him.

Just like old times, huh Delta:ajsmug:?

“Apogee’s how I’m able to make it through each and every day, Delta.” Jet’s smile was sympathetic, almost pitying toward his ex. “You should try to connect with her more, y’know. She’s bright, funny, goofy… and she’s got a good heart. She loves unconditionally. That kid is everything good about this world, Vee.”

Yes...yes she is:heart:.

And this little armistice… a night carved out of the flow of time… maybe it was only ever a photo-text away.

Oh I don't doubt it:rainbowlaugh:!

Probably in a way she isn't comfortable with.

Comment posted by Luna Aeterna Solutae deleted Dec 9th, 2018

Yeah there's absolutely some top shelf SP works out there... And I make no claim to being the 'original author'... That's Shino.

It was meant as a compliment, so I'll take it that way, but I love all the SP works!!!

Hi again.

Sorry you don't like my stories, I don't claim them to be anything more than rather light clopfics. I also don't control the feature box, I just look to share my stories with others.

Thanks again for your comment though, I'd have lived to hear your actual constructive critical feedback, but everything is welcome?

Comment posted by Luna Aeterna Solutae deleted Dec 9th, 2018

All I can think of with that nerdy kid is Kyle from road trip.

Love the sex and feels. And it really ended on a good note. A good/bad sex joke! :pinkiehappy:

It's the good thing about having an ex, were sex wasn't the problem.:raritywink:


Oh look, more boring derivative smut in the featured box.
Also shouldn't Jet be busy fucking Apogee?

Translation: "I don't like this and how dare everyone else like what I don't like!"

But you know what? Everyone has a right to an opinion. Although the manner in which you present it does give an indication to the quality of your character. 9337722 was still at least cordial, in spite of the way you have presented yourself here, and in spite of it clearly not being your first time doing so in this way. He went even so far as to be gracious enough to give you the opportunity to redeem yourself and elaborate on your opinion in a constructive way that would make you seem less, ehh, unpleasant.

I'd have loved to hear your actual constructive critical feedback


"It's uninspired smut"
There's your constructive criticism. Try writing an actual story next time

And yet, this is the way in which you have repeatedly chosen to behave. Normally I would just write you off as just another toxic citizen of the internet. But the sheer hypocrisy you are broadcasting here is simply too loud to ignore. The fact that you are coming on someone else's story, and commenting in this way after you yourself made a Blog Post about people doing this very thing to your own stories is just plain asinine.

A blog post in which YOU YOURSELF said, and I quote:

Before you hit "post" on a comment, do some thinking about what the tone of your comment is; if it's a personal attack, if it attacks the story or myself rather than calmly and maturely discusses a beat that didn't sit well with you. Think about how your comment is going to reflect on people's perception of the story, and whether or not it reflects poorly on you. Think about whether your comment is thoughtful or rational, or if it's just mindless screeching

Honestly, I think you said it best.

So maybe, perhaps, in the future you should heed your own advice.

~ May your life be as pleasant as you are.

Another absolutely wonderful read worth every moment.

Excellent work! You really pulled this one off emotionally and erotically. The sex was good, but more importantly it was there more as a required setting or character than simple clop to drive the real story (yes, I know that sounds obvious, but I appreciate that you handled that connection so damned well). And that ending... That was very smoothly handled. Well done.


Thanks guys! Very nice f you both to say so! Little secret though about the clop... In my stories the clop IS the main focus... So if I've managed to convince you that it's only a support to the story, I have hit higher than my original aim!



This story was sweet in its own way. I truly feel bad for the two of them, it really is interesting that their relationship is more of a love/hate/tolerable. I hope by some way there is a sequel, but if not I truly hope the best for them. Good story.

Bruh, I am telling you now, I read this, NO BULLSHIT, for story. For plot lines. My favorite director in films is Tarantino because he is a master of dialogue... You nailed it harder than Jet nailed Delta in a hate fuck... Story was great and dialogue was perfect. Please send this to who made these characters, Shinodage or whatever, cant remember the creator of this since I am drunk right now... This works perfectly with the lore, regardless of the maker... The words spoken between them is perfectly chosen for this and works so well with Shinodage’s canon... just... awesome!

I'm almost 100% sure this is not the end of the DeltaJet storyline. These star-crossed ponies are likely destined to be together... but there will likely be a lot more pain and suffering before that happens.

Hahaha, you brought a legitimate smile to my face. Maybe you're a bit smashed, but your earnest feedback came through crystal clear!

Rest assured, Shino is well aware of my fics... and I'm lucky to call him a friend! I think he enjoys them quite a bit too! I love reading his blog and wondering what he wants to do next with the characters.

Thanks again, and keep reading!

(also drink some water so you don't end up with a hella hangover, dude)

Damn good man.
Definitely saw some mistakes. Don't care enough to fix them right now.

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