Welcome to the Creators of Literary Online Ponies Society.

The 'Creators of Literary Online Ponies Society' is for the producers of all things that involve pony prose.

Wanna check out the CLOPS Discord server? It’s pretty neat! Click here, baby!

It is a little project that Synesisbassist, Salty Alty, and Scaramouch have put together to bring together writers who want to help and inspire each other.

*Share Your Stories*
*Promote Your Stuff*
*Provide Your Ideas*
*Offer Your Advice*
*Never Feel Alone*

This will include gathering together and sharing your stories, putting out requests for how to improve and sharing your best hints and tips for how to write fun, engaging and (hopefully) well-written tales. The creators do not claim to be expert writers, we are just three guys who want to tell a nice narrative and help others be creative in their own fields. We want new writers to feel comfortable to talk with old writers here and vice versa. We welcome the confident, the insecure and the inexperienced. It does not matter if you are a writer, an editor, or a reader, the doors are open to you. In laymen's terms, we welcome everyone with an interest in ponies and their words!

We will be including our own stories here and our own advice. We will be inviting guests to do likewise and share a podcast now and again on whatever we feel is relevant at the time, maybe even have a guest speaker or twelve. Who knows what will happen when the three of us are able to meet up and ramble on?

More will come, we hope, as time goes on.

See and speak to you soon!

All good things,

Synesisbassist, Salty Alty, and Scaramouch

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I have an Idea to make a story about a Pony of Death. Comment back if you think I should go through with it.

Me as a parrot just coming up behind them screeching FAGGOT!

Hey, thanks for adding my story to the group (I assume that was you guys?) Either way, good luck with the project! Lookin' neat-o.

Yes! Clop fics are allowed in their respective bookshelf! We try and do a podcast every single week, though sometimes when personal things come up, it's whenever we can get one in. :yay:

Hey, Duskhoof, I'm here.

Don't try to hide it, I know you needed to see me in your group. :P.

Jokes aside, I'm a fairly experienced writer here to share my stuff. Podcast sometime?

XD, don't worry about doing that, I'm happy just writing.

Hey there, I'm intrigued by this new group as I tend to nerd out on all things pony and the written word. Apparently I just missed the most recent podcast, so is it a bi-weekly thing?
Also is clop stories accepted or not here?

431412 Yep, I like pony content. Both viewing it and making it. :twilightsmile:

*Gasp* No clop? Are you crrrrrazy? :P
Naawwww, no clop required, just an interest in the creations and creators of pone things.

I'll join but I ain't writing any clop now. :ajsmug:

It's a joke.

Hi C.L.O.P.S. associates,

Just leaving this here, along with a repeat of the last blog.

New Group! New Twitch channel! Good times!

Hope you’re all having a fab weekend!

I’m here today to give you some very exciting news. I and some of my friends have collaborated to bring a new group to FIMFic.

The C.L.O.P. Society is a group created to help encourage writers to keep writing, alongside providing a space for stories and advice to be shared. And that’s not all...

On Friday 8th March from 7PM until 8PM EST...

A Canadian (Synesisbassist), A Yank (Salty Alty), and some knob from England (Duskhoof) will gather to answer your burning questions on life, the universe, and writing! Sounds like a joke? It might just be!

We'll be meeting on our Twitch Channel here, currently set up and waiting for whatever craziness we bring to the table. We've got a few questions for each other, a few topics (no politics, we're not touching that with a bargepole!) and a bit of mad advice. On the itinerary is definitely Syn's next plans for Cadence, hot goss on Luna Switched, why the heck Dusk hasn't seen The MLP Movie yet, and how Salty Alty became known as the saltiest monkey-flinger in the fandom.

We're looking forward to it, we will give ourselves time to answer some of YOUR questions, please shoot us a few questions on the forum post linked here!

All good things, and see you there!

Synesisbassist, Salty Alty, and Duskhoof

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