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I'm a broodmare manager, an Imgurian and most recently an author of Fallout Equestria: Renewal. Feel welcome to say hello! And don't forget to wink responsibly!

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  • 7 weeks
    And we're live!

    New chapter, new milestone!

    4 comments · 61 views
  • 8 weeks
    Ch. 25 Progress!

    Chapter 25 is "complete!" Complete in the sense that the rough draft is start-to-finish written out and I just need to pick a day where I have time to dig deep and polish it up. I'm hoping to have it up for this weekend but that depends on how brutally work kicks my butt. At the very latest, keep an eye out for Tuesday!

    2 comments · 149 views
  • 12 weeks
    And we're live!

    Chapter 24 is up and published! Hot dog, it only took... longer than usual!

    Onto the next!

    3 comments · 52 views
  • 12 weeks
    Chapter 24's Draft is complete!

    Hot dang, progress! I've still got to take a day to comb through what I've written and clean up the little errors, typos and strange phrasing that I know still lurks in the draft, but Chapter 24 is finally a start-to-finish physical thing. Hot dang!

    2 comments · 64 views
  • 15 weeks
    A bit behind schedule

    Hi there, readers!

    Read More

    6 comments · 84 views

And we're live! · 4:26pm October 12th

New chapter, new milestone!

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Thank you! It's really exciting to see people enjoying this story as much as they are. <3

Renewal has pick up 39 likes since I left my comment back in March. That's awesome! Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

TDR #32 · June 19th · · ·

i was unaware you were a writer in Imgur, but here we are.

Your most recent Imgur post brought me here. I knew you were a brony, but I don't know why I never thought to see if you were a fic writer. I lurk too hard on imgur, but I'm happy to say hi here!

I regret nothing, haha!

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