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I want nothing more than to bring a smile to your face with a light-hearted clopfic! If you want to bring a smile to mine, leave a comment!

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Needles to say, insta-liked.

Hah! You should at least read it first! Thanks for the like though!

That was dang fast, man. I just saw the pictures pop up on derpi the other day.

Eh, I don't want to tag swarm, but if others think it should have, I'll add it!

Read the story, couldn't smash the like and favorite button anywhere NEAR hard enough. I love these characters, I love your writing style, and I will gladly beg on my knees for a continuation.

Magnificent <3


Thanks guys! So glad you enjoyed the story!

You know, the title makes me think Pound Cake will appear in this story. Please respond to this comment.

This was considered, and I almost made the name: Signs of Life or Signs of Love.

But then I wrote out the sex scene and it was so pound-y that I had to go with Pound Sign.

A very nice sequel most enjoyable, can't wait to read more of them :pinkiehappy:

Will Smith "That's Hot."

I loved it man keep up the good work.

Behind this veil, Sign could only feel the potent neurochemical drugs of dopamine, adrenaline, oxycontin from her orgasm thrumming through her veins, giving form to her existence.

You're thinking of the hormone oxytocin, which is responsible for facilitating social interaction, and plays an important role in relationships and sex. Oxycontin is an addictive opioid.

Thanks! I knew it felt weird as I was typing it out!

Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. We need more about Anon, Sign and Charcoal.

Thanks! I really do like all three of those characters, they're lots of fun.

YES!!!:pinkiehappy: do I hear a third story in the making?:ajsmug::twilightsmile:

Haha, sure, nothing planned at the moment, and I don't know when the whim will take me though!

Oh please sweet lordy continue
Love Sign so much

Give it a shot! You might not be successful right away, but taking the effort is it's own reward!

Thanks for your support!

dopamine, adrenaline, oxycontin

I'm pretty sure that's oxytocin you meant.
Oxycotin is the opioid drug.

Anywho, have a thumb :twilightsmile:

Nobody ever wants to just have fun, they’re always trying to fucking WIN or something

Whenever I play online.

Seriously though this was great. I'm glad to see these three again. I how to see them again in the future.

P.S. Also wanted to add that I loved the detail with the bed noises. Something about making sweet love on noisy furniture is exciting. That really sounds weird typing that. Hopefully you get my meaning.

The mute, dermal-glyph conveying, brown-furred unicorn mare looked around the table at the other participants for their first evening of Ogres and Oubliettes, her friend and roommate Charcoal, a rather nerdy looking earth-pony stallion named Pone Dexter sporting thick black rimmed glasses, complete with a small piece of white tape repairing a broken spot of his spectacles - almost the perfect stereotype of a nerd.


You should revise this. I had to read it several times to properly understand what it's trying to say. Thought it said Charcoal was a stallion.

This was damn solid, though I confess I expected some jealousy from the other O&O players as the game was interrupted for it; group of (relative) nerds and the usual stereotype and whatnot.

Still damn solid; 8/10

Would not mind a sequel where sign does bare his foal

Comment posted by TheLunarDragon deleted Jan 19th, 2019

That's on purpose. Direct links to explicit images are not allowed on Fimfiction.

Nope. Too genetically different.



Oh. Woops

Its deleted now. Thanks for the warning.

Now all i have left to deel with is this hard-on. Your story was so great that it made me climax. Only problem now is it wont go down.

Same. I'm not usually one for pregnancy, but she somehow made it sound really hot.

“SIGN! ANON!? OH, MY CELESTIA, ON MY BED!!!?” Sign’s ears flicked as the screaming shrill surprise of Charcoal, who had obviously not expected her to use Charcoal’s bed. The absolutely soaked feeling of the sheets under her butt left no question in Sign’s mind just how badly the pair had wrecked it. Oh well, served her right for waking her up all those nights!

Oh Charcoal:rainbowlaugh:!!!

*<>* Best sequel need moar Sign pony

I didn't ask for this

Anon’s Quest was successful, Char.

Ah yes, I forgot how great Sign was for a few seconds, heh your spot is well earned!

Keep the sequels going! I want to see more of Sign and Charcoal. Some of the best OCs out there.

A-freaking- mazing.

I really enjoyed the last one, and this one in that manner is no different. Sign and Charcoal are fun in general, but The way sign Needed this and how it played out... unf. if theres more to come, id love t'see it!

And just like that, Charcoal was alone with Anon, in the cacophonic mess of the upturned table, the detritus of the recent argument littering the dining room.

Charcoal had just left meaning it should be Sign that is left with Anon here.

HiE isn't normally my thing, but these two stories had me rolling. Fantastic work, mate.

I mean fair enough but it could be a dream where she is pregnant with his foal and that have sex

To the point
Fucking HAWT
What more could you ask for!? Great story.

I love the character of Sign, I hope you use her in more stories.

missing the "human" tag

Either he sucks as a DM or the players do. Probably both.

Still a hot story, though.

He's made the first mistake of DMing, not understanding that it's not just HIS story.

They've made the first mistake of playing, which is that there's no prize for winning, and it's better to have fun.

Roll D20 to seduce villain and join his side.

I hope you noticed the name of the villain.

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