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I know the image requires a source, but since it's NSFW-ish, I have omitted it. Sorry

im wondering whats with the rise in shining and twilight clop fics? kinda creepy

that got a chuckle out of me

Hehe. Just saw the opportunity and had take it. x3

i understand and you have my meme respect for doing so

honestly i have no idea. I've been on this since last year, on and off, so I thought I might as well just finish this and dish it out there haha

its not a since last year thing its more of a since last week thing

Ah, I see I see. To be fair, it's one of the better odd incest pairing, let's be fair haha

their isnt to many siblings to begin with

All of the mane 6 have siblings (if you include Rainbow/Scoots), so I wouldn't say it is from a lack of options.

it depends on the story for me when it comes to rainbow and scootaloo


[EDIT] Short, to the point. The dream portion felt distracting to me, but it was objectively hot and well written on its own. The excessive-cum tag is well-earned, so I won't point that out. Over all, not bad.

I thought of separating out the dream sequence, but I wanted to envision it as a "as it happened in his dreams, he made it happen in real life as well" kind of thing. The end result being a bit of an annoying constant-horizontal-break kind of reading which is super super uncommon these days. Anyway, thank you very much for the compliments <3 . Excessive-cum is a pretty "Swell" fetish AHAHAH I will now be Barbara

I hope for A sequel

the issue with a sequel is that there isn't anywhere else this could go really.

I thought of having it be like Twilight coming back more often but then that only brings back to this. I might have to brainstorm a little. At the moment, I have Derpy in mind

There is the depraved pregnancy option for a sequel

oddly enough, I do not do pregnancy, although I'm an avid fan of impregnation. That'll be saved for a darker time i guess haha


This felt a little rough in the pacing, and bit too impersonal in the structure and word usage, for me to get too into it. But still, love the concept, and enough is in here that works for me to fill in the issues with my imagination!:pinkiehappy::heart:

It rubbed against her fillyhood and her stomach but not at the cute little mounds in between? ;)

continue ...:pinkiehappy:
filly twin pregnant:pinkiegasp::yay::twilightsmile:

The setting – the whole Shining not being awake and Twilight not knowing what's going on thing – was hot, very much so.

Please make a sequel and have him still not know what is happening.

i generally have no idea how i can draft up that idea. Sleeping's already done, so if he's awake and he's having dreams of sex with Cadance, I don't think he'd be _that_ oblivious to what sex is lmaoo

No I meant could you make more of him banging her In his sleep

I honestly expected more from this, but nonetheless, it was a nice lighthearted fic.

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