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B_25 #1 · February 19th · · 2 ·

You might want to double-check your description.

Ah, a fic based off a wonderful image. This should be good. :rainbowkiss:

Also, at the time of posting, your description says “Twilight is uses the opportunity”. Thought I’d point that out.

Okay, wow. I think I had a stroke when I wrote that.
iykwim :ajsmug:

Thanks for the catch, guys.

Hmmm dub con and incest? I mean I already came twice today but I think I can go again before I start making dinner :raritywink:

I found OOC Cadance to be the most off-putting thing in that short story. Everything else is quite good.

It got me thinking, what does that fact says about me :rainbowlaugh:

Truly, the character assassination of Cadance was the hardest part of writing this and not a part I enjoyed in the least. Hence the AU tag and fair warning.
Ah, the things I do to write clop for you guys...

I had a feeling I’d be seeing something like this from you after I saw the art.

Good story :)

Reminds me of a funny web comic I once saw. Shining Armor walks into his room and there's TWO Cadance's! Both insist they're the real one, and one says "ask us a question only the real one would know"
He asks "...On the night we got married, what was the answer to the question I asked?"
The Cadance on the left blushes, and instantly says "I said Not even on your birthday!"
The Cadance on the right thinks for a moment ".....when...ever...you like?"
Left Cadance: Hah! Wrong! Tell her Shiny!
Shiny: ......
Left Cadance: ...Shiny?
scene cut to outside castle window, shows a Cadance being thrown out

Later, Right Cadance not being happy, stuck playing boardgames all night

You know I had to do it to 'em.


kind of want a sequel now lol

Okay cool, now what about the part where Cadence gets gangbanged by a bunch of changeling drones? Possibly in the form of all the girls she pissed off with her possessive attitude, but now with cocks?

I've never imagined a situation where OG cadance was the villain and Chrysalis was the hero. This is hot!

I always try to innovate with my erotica.

This was a very sweet little fic. A fic with a very happy end for everyone. And the siblings inbreed happily ever after. Wondeful job.

It's Shakesparklecesticles, what were you expecting?

(Honestly, I just thought of that abomination of a name and decided not to suffer alone)

Sees the title,
Read the description.
Looks at the author.
Well… it’s on.

I wonder how the real Cadance is fairing. Is Chrysalis planning to keep her prisoner and take her place forever?

Might be the best idea. After what she did Rainbow just for making a joke. One can only imagine what she’ll do if she ever gets free.

Your meme game is on point

Anymore life-mates clop fics?

Can you get credit to the artist


Considering he provided an image ID, it's kind of redundant.

Congratulations, you're the first person to get a story with this kind of content into both my X Library and The WTF Files Library. Now I've added stories that are rated Mature and have the sex tag on them to one or the other before but this is the first time I've chosen to forgo my rule of keeping the two separate because this story made me have to genuinely think about where to put it for a good minute so congratulations on doing something that I thought would be impossible.

Oh goodness of course this was you Shakespearicles. Didn't realize till the end lmao

I really enjoy this. Now lets see who can "Candence" help out next!

another great masterpiece. I kinda want to see if this continues

half the comment section is complaints about the story description..... how bad was it?

Twilight, what kind if friend are you? Hogging Shiny all to yourself. I'm sure Rarity and Dash would love a few trysts with that stud brother of yours. And Rarity could use some shapeshifting models, cut her in on this broodmare deal!

"This is going to be the start of something good."

I sure hope this is only the first installment of a new story line.

I wrote this all in one shot shortly after the "inspiration art" was released. Then I promptly forgot that I even wrote it. I came back to it a short while ago to re-read it and give it a bit of polish before publishing it.
But to my eternal shame, I had neglected to proofread the long summery at the time, and there were a couple errors. And for someone as awesome as me, such an egregious mistake was simply unacceptable.
Luckily my first fans on site were quick to point this out for me to save face and ensure this story is the best it can possibly be. And for that, I'm thankful.

This is why everyone needs proofreaders.

Fic's fine, description's haunted... got it.

wanting this hug to never end lose herself in his mane.

Here it seems that something is missing.

You'll see that the list doesn't have 'fucking my future husband' isn't on it, so

Remove one.

pumping load after load delivered as deep as he could for the sole intention of procreation.

think there should be a comma here.

Needs a follow-up chapter(s). ^^

Holy shit! It's a short-stack clopfic from Shakespearacles! Have I been in cryostasis? Is it July already?

Huh. There's a thunderstorm going on outside. It really is July! :pinkiegasp:

"Well, yeah."

You remembered the comma! :twilightsmile:

"Don't play dumb with me, slut! I'm the Princess of Love! I know how you feel about him! I've know about it for years. Even if I couldn't sense it, I could practically smell you creaming yourself when you hugged him! I don't give a shit if you're his little sister. I'll tell you the same thing I'd tell every other whorse that wants to fuck the Captain of the Royal Guard; you stay the fuck away from my stallion! You better not ever be in the same zip code as him again after this. Once we get married, he's moving into my villa in the palisades. And I better not ever catch a whiff of your rotten crotch, or so much as find a single one of your hairs there or else I swear to Celestia, I will shove my hoof so far up your skinny ass that I'll be punching your ugly teeth out! Got it!?"

Twilight will never recover from this. :rainbowlaugh:

"Rainbow, what happened to your eye?"

"I fell down some stairs."

"Dash, did she-"


Bullshit. One of the townsfolk found out what happened to the Barrel Twins and got revenge!

Cadance smiled and shook her head. "This is a wedding! No tricks. Only treats! Which reminds me-" Cadance trotted off to grab a gift bag for Twilight. "As thanks for all your help." She levitated the bag over to her with her green magic.

I see why this has an alt-universe tag now. Congrats, you completely outflanked me with this role swap.

Chrysalis looked confused. "Does that not... upset you?"

"Not really. She was kind of a bitch."

Chrysalis snorted. "Tell me about it. She did not go easily. She'll produce some fine warriors for sure."

... :fluttershyouch:
I'm just going to roll with it. :fluttershbad:

"She's being kept as a breeding vessel, tended to by my best drones. Changeling eggs need to be fertilized and nurtured inside a mare, until she lays them when they are ready to hatch." Twilight wore a vindictive smirk imagining Cadance getting hilariously gangbanged.

I guess there's no rule saying Twilight can't be almost as horrible a person as the "villain". Damn, Twilight!

Chrysalis retracted her tongue to speak. "I'm doing this for you as a courtesy. In addition to being an aphodesiac, changeling saliva is also a muscle relaxer and an analgesic. It'll help with the next part"

Missing period. And I'm not just saying that because Twilight is going to be missing her next estrus.

Chrysalis felt her belly rumble. "These eggs are getting laid now, whether you want them anymore or not. And this will all go a lot faster if you just hold still and Let. Me. IN!"


Shining stammered, "Well- I'm mean, like, objectively, yes."

I think you meant to say "I" instead of "I'm".

"So I'm not sexy!?" Twilight cried. "Always a bride's mare, never a bride! Forever un-fuckable!"

Twilight, don't use the word 'fuck' ever. I wouldn't even let my pokémon use that word!

"Every part of her, right!?" She grabbed Twilight's tail and lifted it.

This is an admittedly trivial detail but it'd be cool to know if her tail was lifted with Cadance's hoof or her aura. Good reasons to use either so I'm agnostic as far as preference.

"Shining, it's not like you've never seen one before! Just tell her she has a nice pussy!"

You know who has a nice pussy? Rarity.

Speaking of pussy, there are two separate instances of the word 'pussy' being present on the page four times in this story when I searched with CTRL-F. That's pretty excessive. I'd throw a synonym in there if it was me. This clop scene feels like an Amy Schumer bit.

"Good ponies get a reward."

'Good ponies get rewarded' is a cleaner way to say this.

With her face down and ass up,

That is indeed how ponies like to fuck.

I upvoted this story for the novelty of the concept. Chrysalis as Cadance is a rather affable gal too. Chryssy just wants to go out there and breed like a good Queen should. Don't judge her and her rape breeding dungeon! This is rightful retaliation against foreign oppression, god damn it!

Nice. Will there be a sequel? They can do it again, maybe Twily starting to like the ovipostor? Or maybe we will see what happened to the real Cady?

I like the idea of a "good" Chryssy and a bad Cady. That was new.


"Good ponies get a reward."

Bad ponies are the reward.

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