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Not exactly a part, but the fact that it's just completely demented.

Two thumbs, way, way up for the leading lady!

... I have been informed that I cannot give but one thumb in any given direction, but it's the thought that counts.

If you enjoyed it then I'm grateful and ecstatic that you enjoy my brand of demented. ^_^

she much preferred to speed the process up, and if that meant doing a little 'Alicorn of Love' magical cheating then so be it.

She had been doing it for a while now just to get Shining to try different things in bed, a little bit of magic here and there to make sure that he wanted more.

I think you need to add "dubcon" to the kink list.

Oh, I enjoy nearly every flavour of demented.

Seriously, the list "Do Not Like" is very short.


Cadence's horn glowed brighter as she began to make her 'special' alterations to the gender swap spell. Cadence made sure to increase the sensitivity of Shining's new marehood and asshole, she even went so far as to make sure Shining would feel pleasure when her throat was stuffed. After all, she did plan on using all of Shining's holes.

More tweaks were made, enhanced libido, sensitivity to musk, increased obedience, and submissiveness, just to make sure everything would stick.

Yeah I really need to learn to read an entire story before commenting. Firstly this was a pretty sexy read, but this exerpt here pretty much bumps this up to non-con territory. She is doing alot of things to him both physically and mentally that she did not discuss beforehand. All of this so he pretty much can't have a clear enough mind to say "no" once things really get started. Its akin to offering someone an alcoholic drink, telling them you just want them to loosen up, but not telling them you dropped some ecstacy in there.

Sorry if I sounded like a nag as I said that.


A newHuh wasn't expecting one from you so soon because of the songbird somedays ago

Just waiting for the punch line at the very end where Shiny gives Flurry a sister~

yeah its pretty hot, but mildly messed up that shes manipulating him

It’s all good, you were right. ^_^

I like to pleasantly surprise people from time to time. xD 😂😂

So you gonna update the descripton? :trollestia:


I did when you mentioned it last night ^_^, check Chapter 1 spoilers, unless you wanted me to add the ‘Non-Con’ tag?

Yeah I'm refering to non-con. Its more apt.


That’s where I’m kind of on the fence about, I wouldn’t label it ‘Non-Con’ due to Shining having allowed Cadence to change him in the first place, the dubious bits are what she does to ensure he enjoys the ‘event’.

I feel this is a lot more ‘gray area’ than the previous stuff I’ve written where that was smack dab in your face.

I could be wrong though, if a couple other peeps come forward asking me to add the ‘Non-Con’ Tag then I’ll happily do so.

Before I attempt to read this are the mind affecting spells cast with permission beforehand or no?

They are not (unless I misread). Cadence only asked if he'd like to have his sex changed and then threw all the other stuff on without mention.

Well then, the story should be tagged noncon.
With dubcon, it's honestly best just to err on the side of caution.

Thanks for the heads up, that always ruins a story for me so I think I'll be skipping this one.

If I had to guess, chapter two will feature female Shining and the guards. Why not make them futa as well, if both the first and last chapter will be futa.

I don't know...because sometimes you just need a standard 'Vanilla' scene to provide some fun times too. 😂😂😂

Honestly, I'm still finalizing ideas for the next chapter(s), so who knows. It just seems nice to let some guys get in on the action too. lol

The way she wiped out the issues he would have had BAM up front with the spell, not even leaving confusion on his side, got rid of a line of tension the story could have had. The only questions are, how much did she break him, and is she really the alicorn of love, or of something else not so good? Evidence seems to point to the latter.

Very much enjoyed just how much shining wanted that anal, absolutely amazing job, keep it up!

Noted, and taken care of. ^_^

Sorry that ruins it for you, hope you find some stories that you can enjoy. :D

Appreciate the feedback! Sorry, it did live up to what you were hoping for. >.<

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! ^_^

I didn't really have specific expectations, per se. Your writing is fine -- it just seems to have been aimed somewhere a bit more directly down to business and not spending time on the digressions and setup that I usually like to savor.

You never seem to disappoint. Take a thumbs up and a stalker:twilightoops:. um I mean fallow. :twilightblush:

Comment posted by Shadesplit deleted Nov 15th, 2018

All of this, I liked all of this. 👍

But will it end in a knocked up Gleaming, is the million dollar question

Green it is and as to what I liked the question is what part did I not like and the answer is nun!!! I love it all look forward to the next part

Good shit. Fix those small mistakes. Might reread and list them out later.

Really really interested to see where this goes. I hope you end up doing the gangbang chapter!

Eh, I don't like it much that Skinning seems to have lost her life beyond sex, but still hot.

Top 5:
1) The "Texas Rattlesnake" Stone Cold Steve Austin
2) The Undertaker
3) Goldburg
4) The Rock
5) Rey Mysterio

Thank you. I haven't really seen any wrestling since the late 80s early 90s (back with The Million Dollar Man, Doink the Clown, and all the other greats). I had a lot of trouble picking a favorite wrestler (between Roddy Piper and Doink) until I watched "They Live", the fight in the ally on top of loving the matches that I would occasionally catch (when mom would let me) sealed the deal.


The only qualm I have is with Taker, I’ve always been ‘meh’ on him though.

The rest of your 1-5 is ON Point though! 😂

Roddy and Doink are LEGENDS 👌😂


"Meh on Taker"

American Badass persona... Nough said

Personally, I would replace Undertaker with Shawn Michaels.

oh wait i misread wrestler as weather. oops. i like the rock.

Solid! Just like the Rock 😂

Kassius Ohno. He has one of my favorite intro songs XD.

I mean if you see that man coming for you, "oh no" is exactly what is going through your head.

With a name like Ohno, I’d be running scared too 😂

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