• Published 14th Nov 2018
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Cadence's New Wife - Kulpa

Cadence turns Shining Armor into a mare... just what Cadence always wanted.

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Jeff Hardy

Eh, I don't like it much that Skinning seems to have lost her life beyond sex, but still hot.

Rowdy Roddy Piper

You deserve respect for that

Top 5:
1) The "Texas Rattlesnake" Stone Cold Steve Austin
2) The Undertaker
3) Goldburg
4) The Rock
5) Rey Mysterio

Thank you. I haven't really seen any wrestling since the late 80s early 90s (back with The Million Dollar Man, Doink the Clown, and all the other greats). I had a lot of trouble picking a favorite wrestler (between Roddy Piper and Doink) until I watched "They Live", the fight in the ally on top of loving the matches that I would occasionally catch (when mom would let me) sealed the deal.


The only qualm I have is with Taker, I’ve always been ‘meh’ on him though.

The rest of your 1-5 is ON Point though! 😂

Roddy and Doink are LEGENDS 👌😂


"Meh on Taker"

American Badass persona... Nough said

Personally, I would replace Undertaker with Shawn Michaels.

I really like when it snows.

oh wait i misread wrestler as weather. oops. i like the rock.

Solid! Just like the Rock 😂

Kassius Ohno. He has one of my favorite intro songs XD.

I mean if you see that man coming for you, "oh no" is exactly what is going through your head.

With a name like Ohno, I’d be running scared too 😂

Shining's eyes tried to focus, looking around she found herself looking at her reflection from a full-length mirror in front of her. She noticed black writing all over her body. In her current mental state it was tough for her to make out everything, but the notable markings were an arrow pointing to her horn and underneath was written 'FACE-FUCK CONTROL STICK”, On her right cheek 'FEED ME' was written and on her left cheek 'CUM' was written, and on her left and right breast respectively 'FUCK ME HARD' and 'FILL EVERY HOLE' was written.

Dear Faust:rainbowlaugh:!!!

The door to her room swung open, she turned her head towards the door and her eye's focused on the three silhouettes in the doorway. She groaned out an almost unintelligible plea to the unknown guests as they walked into the room and shut the door behind them. “P-pp-please, f-ffuck me, cum please.”

Oh wow, Shining's broken:rainbowderp::derpytongue2:. I guess he's taking a liking to this after all:twilightsheepish:.

Another great chapter, can't wait to see more:scootangel:!

Next chapter please?!

"Show, don't tell" goes double for porn.

Now we need a chapter that has Twilight. It can be called “Wittiest Chapter Title Goes Here”.

That was another awesome chapter and ending to this part. I hope there's a sequel.

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