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Arzoo #1 · Jul 3rd, 2019 · · 5 ·

Removing the mind control elements is kind of a bummer, that was part of what made the images so hot.

I wonder if Night Light works in a place like this and get's it on with female changelings then.

Best GILF being a sexy, wanton, cum crazed breeding slut while still being amazing and just so enjoying it? ALL OF THE UNF!

In the Kanashiiverse, Almost definitely. 😂

I don't disagree, I love all forms of Mind Control! And they definitely make those images hot as hell, I was just struggling to find a way to incorporate it properly.

This was great.

What would the hybrid look like?

Should this be in Predator Supremacy?

I would love to see more like this especially in the setting as its awesome changelings breeding ponies Hmm yummiest thing on here

Derpi is down and this is their redirect
https://youtu.be/qRC4Vk6kisY lul

Not bad.

A couple parts, like the changeling brothers’ dialog were over the top and maybe a bit cringe. But over the top raunchiness is what makes this mindless clopfic good.

I think what could have really taken it to the next level would be to feature a changeling who’s not so faceless. Chrysalis, Twilight disguised as a changeling, Ocellus, or even just an OC changeling with an interesting personality, like a shy young virgin one or something. That would make it a lot more meaningful when Velvet gets rutted.

Velvet couldn't be any more bored out of her mind even if she tried. Today was an uncharacteristically slow day for the 'Love Spot'.

I orgasmed 4 or 5 times from this.

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