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Female Writer, Bisexual Writer, Smolder X Mare Crackship Connoisseur. Creator of the Smolderverse, and writer of many other kinds of clop and SFW stories (Commissions temporarily OPEN)

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People are still trying to to cash in on the whole "Doctor Strange and the Multimilfs of Madness" craze I see.
When will it end?

Wow, you have set one heck of a scene here with all those juicy MILF descriptions. :rainbowwild: I can’t wait for more!

Dammit, how did I know you were going to comment on that exact line XD

Spoiled Rich isn't a unicorn.

Yeah, idk why I kept thinking she was. She gives off unicorn energy, I'll fix that.

Edit: Fixed!

You better finish this.

How interesting, just checked in to see that two Milf-hunting stories of entirely different styles that both interested me actually both updated after long planning within the same seven days.

[Adult story embed hidden]

The story is quite good so far, was a pleasure seeing Summer Solstice written by its creator back then and it's still fascinating now as well~

Good to know that there is still a good part of consent. Although the part where Summer Solstice used Cream Heart to spy on them turned me off a little, (I get easily scared at dark stuff) I was mostly anticipating.
It was doomed to go downhill when she showed her monsterous heir breaker to them.

Also Spoiled Rich does give off unicorn vibes~ usually only unicorns are the snobbish kind, but if we think back, those fashion nuts in Manehattan were mostly Earth ponies, and some of them were pretty darn weird.

Looking forward to the next chapter, which is probably when the commissioner wants more so it's likely up to them.


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