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The two things I want to see after reading this is how the others react, And If the velvet gets twilight to join in.

Fourth of July is coming and who better to make fireworks with Spike than Aloe and Lotus who's patience are running thin since they never got some?

Not bad at all. There are more milfs out there ready to be pleasured by Spike. I say add in Zecora.

Is this missing an anthro tag? Prequel was tagged anthro.

So when’s the next one?

did I miss the "anthro" tag? what the-
fixed, lol.

When I can get around to it! I'm gonna take a break on writing oneshots for a little bit and try to work on my two chaptered stories which I both really want to work on again.

Loved it! Good job and thank you.

B_25 #9 · June 28th · · ·

Nice stuff homie.

Write micro.

lmao thanks B. I've never thought about writing micro before but i'll think about what I can do with it :rainbowlaugh:

B_25 #11 · June 28th · · ·

You're a good man homie.

My Gods! This is an amazingly written clopfic! I never thought about Spike having TWO meaty members and I LOVE it! I tip my hat off to you, good sir/madame, keep up the good work!

The smut got cranked up to 11 and it was glorious

Eventually, all of the Mane Six will be able to call Spike 'Daddy'. :moustache:

Cadance should brew-up some 'True Love Potions' and accelerate the process... Hopefully their husbands would be as understanding as Shining and Dusk.

"Mmh... together~/i]!" Pear finished her sentence, moaning deeply from her rapid re-acquaintance with Spike's intimidating size. The drake let out a snarl of surging, wanton lust and swatted Pear across the ass with a claw, causing the mare to let out a sharp moan as the pleasurable sting of the strike mixed with the pleasurable sting of the monster-cock rearranging her insides to suit its needs.

Gah, the curse of the broken italic tag once again!
Thanks. :derpytongue2:

Amazing sequel. Loved how it turned out.

I need more, kind sir!

More infidelity! More cuckolding! More lovely mares getting bred!

Cadance (and/or more mares) divorcing their husbands to join Spike's growing breeding farm!


Indubitably! the next story in this series is on my list of ideas, but I'm not sure when I'll get around to writing it to be honest. will probably transition into more of an episodically-updated story instead of a series of individual ones, now that the foundations for Spike's harem have been "laid" :raritywink:

I need a line of married mares, daintily presenting their wedding ring hands to Spike, one after the other. Letting him slurp the finger into his mouth and slip each diamond free, with his tongue, savoring each stone before swallowing... and washing it down with the mare's saliva.

I'm likin' the way you think, dood...delightfully devious but perfectly symbolic. :moustache:

One thing was for sure: Aloe and Lotus were not going to be happy about their sauna needing to be deep-cleaned yet again...

Or join in on the next session.

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