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Before I read:
Is there sharkpone?

there is indeed a sharkpon! my oc is. :3

Eat ass, smoke grass, sled fast.

Proceeds to slide down an escalator despite a security guard's restriction


You didn't go too heavy handed with the 'Strayan', so it felt less forced than some I've read, but you could have eased off a touch more.
You overused 'cunt' in that end section. Your really only need to use it once or twice at most, otherwise you come across as a derro' or feral, which sure as hell wouldn't be riding around in a new ute, unless their income is of questionable legality.

And now I'm sad.
GMC is still refusing to sell the Holden name back to Australia, for no legitimate reason, after announcing that they will be shutting down ALL GM Holden sales and production at the end of the year.


which sure as hell wouldn't be riding around in a new ute, unless their income is of questionable legality.

I thought about this, and almost toned it down for that reason (thinking about it now, the second "cunt" at the end is definitely laying it on too thick regardless), but then I figured that The Washouts, being The Washouts, most assuredly have done some less-than-legal shit to stay in business, particularly apropos the hot-headed ex-cadet that happens to lead them...

And...yeah. The Ford vs. Holden story ended the way nobody on either side wanted it to--with not just one but both of them gone, and the Australian home-grown auto manufacturing industry in a complete shambles within the space of a few years. Fuckin' tragic.

Great work keep it up

But why won't GMC just sell the rights back to us?
If they're not going to do anything with the brand any more, then why not return it so that dealerships that had showrooms built to Holden demands won't have to fork out tens of thousands to remodel?

Hehe, oh look, they're a match made in heaven...
Good stuff!

I think it's a little early to predict the final fate of Holden one way or the other (permadeath vs. a new lease on life) as the current chapter of the Holden saga isn't even over yet. The dealerships, with the implicit backing of the Australian government, are mediating a settlement with GM over how they've mistreated the dealerships during the brand's wind-down and offered them paltry per-car compensations, if they've even offered them anything at all--some dealerships have only gotten radio silence. They can't really be expected to sell the brand until that settles, which knowing big lawsuits, could take years. Additionally, if it doesn't come to a quick resolution, the government is going to take GM to court and (probably) throw the book at them.

The dealerships want A$6100 per-car...GM has held firm on their initial offer of A$1500 and even threatened to lower it to A$350 (likely as an intimidation tactic) once they found out how much the dealerships wanted. Given the massive gulf between the valuations on each side, I don't see them coming to a quick resolution. It's a thuggish way to do business, but we're talking about a car conglomerate that has a history of betrayal and tossing aside history in the name of "good business." Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Hummer, Saab (perhaps the most betrayed of all, besides Holden), Saturn, Vauxhall, Daewoo...

Just chuck her in the 'ute, eh? There's heaps of fuckin' space in there.


You mentioned Oldsmobile, and now I've got Evil Dead on the brain!

Eh, not really my thing. Too risky, and something tells me safety is a low priority for Gulf.

Great story. Normally don't like 'dickgirl' or phrase of the like but 'dickmare' had me laughing, never seen anything like it. I ind it hard to write a futa character and can't seem to find a good futa story, but you did it well, the personality and design of the character felt real and didn't seem like masculinity was being forced on a female character. Good job! =^~^=

Now that is a title i can get behind

Nice story - just got my own Shark Week fic up, and I gotta say, it doesn't hold a candle to this clop.

Gulf's an utterly magnetic personality even before the reaming, and that you managed to promote a Wahsout so well give me hope for my own future fics.

Thank you, again, for a fantastic FIMFic.

Glad you liked it! It's my first time trying to write futa so I'm glad I was able to pull it off as well as I did.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Aye, that's alright man -- our stories don't have the same content rating so that's a bit of apples-to-oranges. Your story's fun. :raritywink:

I'm glad you like my OC's characterization and that I was able to do Rolling Thunder justice, since those were my main goals while writing this. (Aside from, y'know, the obvious. :rainbowwild: )

There was no ass eating! I was mislead


The kinda-forced ‘Australian’ talk was a bit of a turn-off, but Maloos will make up for anything.

At least you didn’t talk about “shrimp on a barbie”, as that’s an excellent way to get insulted and/or hit if you say it to an actual Australian. For all the Yanks (Americans), we don’t have shrimp here. They’re called prawns.

Also Aussies who call women ‘Sheilas’ are pretty rare nowadays in my experience, even among older blokes. Chicks? Yes. Birds? Yes. Sheilas? Not so much anymore. Maybe out in the back of bumfuck in the Northern Territory (top centre state, where Uluru is) or near wolf creek, but I haven’t heard it said at all within recent memory in the places I’ve been.

“Fuck me dead” was a nice touch though. I say that one all the time :rainbowlaugh:

Overall, not bad for someone who “isn’t even slightly Australian”; you’re doing better than about 90% of everyone else who’s tried to write Aussie. Just tone it down a bit and don’t say anything that Croc Dundee says and you’ll be fine. We talk more like other countries than you’d think, just with a bit of flair. :pinkiecrazy:

I wanted to include it for name's sake but I couldn't really figure out how to fit it in! xD I'll probably be making a little sequel to this in the Washouts' clubhouse so we'll see how that ends up, heh~

thanks for that, this fic was dying for a proper Aussie analysis; I knew about the "shrimp on a barbie" thing since I have some online friends down under but they don't exactly know I write this kinda stuff haha. I'm glad I was able to not be horribly stereotyped in my writing xD

Smoke grass.

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I'm surprised this hasn't made it to the Aquaphilia folder group by now.

That's some hot shit right here.

Coulda done adding on to the sex bit, but what's there is damn fine.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Fancy seeing you here, Skeet! Glad you enjoyed it.

I'm normally more expressive and deeper on the sexual side of things (Getting the Vapors and the two Spa stories, as examples), but here I really wanted to exercise other aspects of my writing, y'know? Writing clop for clop's sake has gotten a bit stale. I wanted to spend more time on it than I did, but time during Shark Week was running out and I wanted to get at least this much released before it ended today--plus I had a final paper I had to write for a 6-week summer class which ate into my time.

Didn't know that was a thing or I would've considered putting it there myself, heh.

Lovely work, the little details about shark behavior were nicely done, and unf, hot. :heart:


That's completely understandable. Shifting from straight porn to more erotica is never a bad thing.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Try to draw your inspiration from how your friends talk if you do voice chat with them or something, if you’re looking to continue Aussie characters in your writing. Talking to actual people is (as in all cases) your best bet for figuring out how we talk, as any Australians that have appeared in movies or TV shows, even with Aussie actors, will have been made to turn the slang and swearing up to 11 to appeal to a worldwide audience who have no idea how we actually talk.

Same thing with video games. The Sniper from TF2 is more British than Aussie, as I doubt that any Australian has said “God save the Queen” within the last 50 years and meant it.

We don’t ride Kangaroos, we don’t chug vegimite, we don’t have spiders crawling out of our arseholes and we don’t all drink beer 24/7. Except for that old bloke who drank a long-neck at 7AM.

Thanks to globalisation we’ve basically turned into a little America with less F-350’s and guns, and a different accent. And better beer. Sorry if this sounded rant-y, but I’m a motherfucking patriot and I’ve always been annoyed as to how we’re portrayed on the global stage. We’re not all Paul hogan.

I certainly do swear a lot though, so there’s that. :rainbowlaugh:

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