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Interesting...Not that I mind, really thought it would be vinyl, breeded as in the cover

I wanted to use the matching Trixie image for the cover, don't get me wrong. But uhh...it violates FiMFic's rules pretty unavoidably if I try to use Trixie's face, unless I do a really close crop.

As I said, I don't mind. Though, what's the matching Trixie image, if I may ask?

The image I'll be using as "inspiration" for each chapter will have its Derpibooru ID number written in the story description. For chapter 1, it's 1937640.

Of course. Just to be clear, you type the number into the search bar, or where do you put it on on Derpibooru?

you just tack the number onto the end of derpibooru.org/ in the URL bar.

(just switched cover to the Trixie image for content accuracy, even if the crop is kinda awkwardly small.)

Thanks! always wondered how that works with the iD. And I hear ya, I have something familiar planned with a of-topic cover, hope it won't backfire

And nice collection of your cover, saw all pictures before, save for that of Trixie I asked you about.

I don't know why but Wolfs are always interesting in the mature subject, so are horses. Tere are to few stallions on woman stortires out there

Say, what got you the idea for this? Aso the story reminds me of a flash game I found recently

I tend to come up with my most compelling ideas while showering, seemingly at random. I got the basic idea for this a couple months ago and I've been refining it ever since. I probably wouldn't have bothered writing more about it if I hadn't kept getting really interesting ideas for it...

Okay and I hear ya. Finished just writing a clop story myself and it popped in that I could make an Anthro version of it.

And that game, sorry, just popped in too, won't bother you with it, unless you like to know.

But, given the Vinyl pic, I think this might be the first story of it's kind. I mean, a Timberwolf impragnating a mare, that's even, even if it's just the cover

I'd be interested to know what the game is, actually, as I've not heard of it...feel free to DM me.
As to that last bit...you'll see. :raritywink:

Sure thing! Cum inflation is also something I like, thus your story got my attention. In the story I mentioned, I combined that with a lovely idea of a friend of mine

Always nice to see some nice knot fics, doubly so for feral ones, we don’t get nearly enough of either around here. Keep up the good work

My only big wish would be that you give the knot a bit more spotlight. Give us time to really aprentis ye it expanding, before finally catching in her for the first time. The knot lodged in her adjusting her walls with every tiny shift and instinctive tug. The feeling of the still engorged knot, now partially deflated but still intimidatingly thick, being worked out of her before coming free all at once stretching her as it pops out, before the wolf almost immediately tries to shove it back in.

Sorry, rambling. Been really starved for fics like this. Keep up the good work

the artist that made 3 of those timberwolf images in the cover also made one involving princess luna and another involving sunburst...



just saying.

I'm aware of the Luna one; I'm probably not gonna do Sunburst just because M/M isn't really my thing...

Incredibly hot! Always up for fics about girls/mares taking the knot.:duck:

how long until the next chapter? I need more timberwolf goodness!

Keep an eye on the sidebar on the right side of my profile page! It lists my current progress on both of my chaptered stories. I've got some more to write before the next chapter will be ready but I've made some really good progress lately.

Intriguing. Let's see where you go with this.

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