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A sequal is definantly needed, or an epilouge to show Night and Shining's reactions to hearing how ot went, lol

Very nice! Well done!

Is there going to be a part two


June 21st. Keep an eye out. :raritywink:

Before Shining and Night see the result, Aloe, Lotus and all the Mares and Mothers that were in the Spa need to come and see what all the Moaning was about.

Can't let just 2 mothers have all the fun can you?

Like Cream Heart or Pear Butter

I really enjoyed this and hope for more.

Cool, kinda wanted to see the fallout with Shining and Nightlight... knowing how kinky this family is they’d probably enjoy it

time for spike do his sister you know twilight

Velvet grinned as she saw the evidence of his renewed enjoyment, and gestured for him to remove his hands. "No need to be shy all of a sudden, dear~! We're going to be doing a lot more than looking at each other, after all..." To emphasize her point, she pushed Spike down onto the sauna bench and knelt down on the floor in front of him, bringing her face in close to his crotch. Cadance followed suit shortly thereafter, the two of them kneeling in front of him as they stared as his immense, exotic flesh with a mix of wonder and lurid anticipation.

"Trust us, Spike...This is as much a reward for us, as it is for you~" Cadance assured him, before continuing her ministrations on his pulsing, angrily-throbbing upper cockhead. She hummed pleasantly as she worked him over, causing Spike to dig his claws into the sauna bench from the incredible sensations.

This was pretty good, but this was the one moment that came off as a mistake. There's no point where Cadance did anything to his dicks. I'm not even sure if shes blowing him or giving him a hand job. She continues something she never started, in short.

Whoops, yeah, that's a continuity flub on my part. Fixed, thanks. Only requires a couple words to make it sound right, at least.

Yeah, that's much better.

BTW who's the artist that did the cropped pic in the title, I love Spikedance stuff. :twilightsheepish:

Art is by Miniferu. Derpi # is in the description, if you know what to do with that.

Great story!

I need a sequel badly.

I have no idea what to do with that :'C
searching for that number in the derpibooru searchfield does nothing

put the number after the .org in the URL

I kept an eye out but no chapter, is it running late?

yeah, read my latest blog for a bit of an explanation. sorry but i'm going to get it out as soon as i feasibly can. 3800 words written so far but still a few scenes to write

This was a really hot read. Hope there's a sequel in the future.

God damn this hot! Two milfs for the price of one! Only thing I could complain about is that Spike didn't have his way with Aloe & Lotus. It would have great start to see them have a good time with Spike as a warm-up before the main event. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers.

Can't wait to read the sequel soon!

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