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Duke Moon II

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Oh this is an awesome opening. I can't wait to see how Rarity deals with all of this, especially how Spike deals with it.

This is not bad at all!
I normally prefer anthro but this certainly has my attention. Looking forward to more of this.

A Rarity/Spike/Twi threesome?! Color me intrigued! Heck, throw Gabby into the mix and call me a box of crayons!

And apparently, Spike has already been doing it with either Twilight or Gabby...maybe both!

Whelp it’s official I can’t wait for more keep up the good work big fan of Sparity.

love it so far. i'd love to see a brawl for spikes affection between rarity and gabby

I was interested when reading the description of this--haven't even seen a word of the actual story, but now you're got my attention, author. :twilightsmile:

Apparently Twilight has something there as well, though currently I'm leaning on Twilight more into Rarity than a possible three way with incest hints....If there is gonna be a poly ship, I'm going with Gabby x Spike x Rarity..though Fluttershy with Rarity would be interesting...

Hmm, wonder who Spike had sex with the first time.

"Oh, no," Rarity thought, dread coming over her.

Oh no is right.


"Oh, no," Rarity thought, dread coming over her.

Rarity! Spike! How could you doing something like this under my house and not invite me?! :twilightangry2:
<slowly owlish blink> :raritystarry:
See, this is why I rather go to your place. :moustache:

I just notice some of the comments got dislike I wonder who did it🤔

I am VERY interested to see where this goes

Excellent job once again, and now Rarity knows the truth

WTF? :pinkiegasp:

imagine if it were all her friends and her sister too.

What the hell just happened?

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