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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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Oh, master my tits are getting hard when reading this enjoyable fiction.

I take this as the highest compliment ;>u>

very aggressive rimming

I was unaware other kinds of rimming existed :rainbowwild:

the Beginning of an Adventure

Is that even legal?

God I love your writing man

Not in Alabama it ain't!

I had LITERALLY just re-read the first this morning, wondering when the sequel was gonna come out. Wooo!

Oh boy that was quite fun.
it doesn't hit the same marks for me as the first one did but a fun read nonetheless.

Comment posted by Yeeter69 deleted June 1st

2859669 (definitely nothing nsfw)

This chapter killed it for me. Slavery might be a entertaining role play, but true slavery?
Good there is a Treasure Box worth of gems in the libary you made :twilightsmile:

Did Fenris ever thanked Leech?

“ Fuck me - I wish I could find someone to use me like that,” Leech sighed.

I should be used to seeing leech saying shit like this but It seems like I wont so God fucking dam it leech

My week's packed so I don't have time to read this yet, but I can tell already it will be very good.
Also I take it as a challenge to step up my own writing

A tip for the title: "desserts," not "deserts." There's a difference.

*inserts that fake roast beef made out of ice cream but it's a cactus or something instead*
:derpytongue2: :pinkiecrazy:

To get one's just deserts means the proper punishment one deserves for one's actions.

He used the right version, it’s the proper spelling for the phrase.

a glorious gif

I orgasmed three times from this chapter.

I take that as high praise!

I orgasmed once from this chapter.

A nice continuation, and unique route to take

“Not really. I met her a while back, but I thought she was trying to fix a problem - anyways, the name’s Leech,” she chuckled, thrusting a foreleg at him.

This line is both sad and intriguing. Leech genuinely thought she was helping, and although she seems pretty indifferent, the fact she brought it up at all indicates she was hoping said problem might be fixed- not exacerbated.

Good eye
I wasn't sure people would catch that

Gotta say, Leech really got thuroughly fucked over in this story. And not entirely in a good way.

If nothing else, she's pretty physically and psychologically robust
Also there's a sequel in the works

Something tells me she doesn't mind it

We haven't read the story so we have to ask, Is the missing "s" in "Just Deserts" intentional?
Edited due to our own lack of knowledge.

"Just deserts" alludes to someone receiving an appropriate reward or punishment for their actions.

We know, however we were not aware it was spelt with a single "s" in "Deserts" until today.

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