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Well damn....ya’ll sure as hell put in some work getting this started alright. Yeesh maybe you guys also need a short vacation for workin so hard. :applejackunsure:

“I see, the usual wager then?” Luna asked, extending her hand.

“You’re on.” Celestia stated as the two sisters shook hands.

I'm being reminded of the Duke brothers' bet from Trading Places

“I give it less than a week, maybe a few days considering how lovestruck that changeling was, as for Bluebelle and her friends I give it til the end of the trip.” She smirked.

As expected from an experienced chess-master. Now I know where Cadance learned her shipping skills from.

Thank you that last part was all me. And I love Trading Places too, great film.:twilightsmile:

Thx, but with the pandemic going on personally for me I see it as an opportunity to buckle myself down and work on my writing. Along with helping Sonic on his too.:twilightsheepish:

It an Coming to America are my absolute favorite Eddie Murphy films

This is just uh... not good. I hate to be that guy, but like.

Yeah. I feel like this is one of the stories that made the featured box because "Spike" and "harem."

None of the characters are particularly in character. There's little to no difference in the way the characters speak from the actual narration itself, there's grammatical issues and a lack of proper dialogue tags everywhere, and it's just... it's not good. At the very least it could have at least gotten some extra editing to fix the nearly-one-mistake-per-paragraph ratio.

Why is this featured?

Whether it's good or not, this being featured is good for the author's ability to write. I am still trying to get featured but my stuff isn't likable because I don't got the nuance. Luck and skill is just nothing short of genius, so I'll tip my hat off to the author for getting what is impossible to me.

Alright, glad to see a sequel. Cant wait for more.

What exactly is wrong so far? I'd like to try to understand what some of the problems are?


I wish it wasn't, those furry monarchs might conquer one day.......... :twilightoops:

I'm sure coexistence will be the option

Friend, I am not sure if I told you that I am not used to reading this type of story when the oc is not with its manes, but I must say at first glance that they will like this story a lot and I still support you 100% with this story.


I don't know if this could fit into your plans but...
You could have Shining Armor join the trip and be an obnoxious, jealous jerk, until Cadance gets fed up. Then she tells Shining the she's going to make it so he was right and she's going to sleep with Spike...and Shining is going to as well! Then Cadance turns Shining into Gleaming Shield and threesome ensues.

“You heard my sister; begone with you!” Luna shouted with a scowl, not as patient as her sister.

' Be gone thot!!!!' Is what I hear when I read this.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Celestia and Luna made a bet?? that's it!!! (pull out a table and two jars with one being yellow well the other is blue) place your bets on who will win?? Tia or Lulu??

That's not very likely to happen... XD

Hope yeh continue this soon, it's a pretty good story, considering it has a ton of very detailed clop scenes xD And that's probably what's best about the last book, and here, you can tell it'll be good.
Usually clop stories don't really make good stories when trying to integrate a good story, but you my friend made it possible, along with a select few others, so Kudos to you.

Spike X Harem for the win! XD (I kinda imagine that the CMC will join in soon enough, considering how close friends they are to him, maybe even the rest of the pie sisters, and that one Kirin Mare)

a little surprised u used Gretta and not Gabby, but then, i suppose that Gabby is more a Crusader...or maybe in the Young Six...

This was before I knew about Gabby being interested with Spike.

ah, that makes sense...also, flyers wouldnt have the big girls, they cause way too much drag, makes getting airborne difficult if not impossible to have something that size on their chests...

Does anyone know what going to happen to this story, I didn't see any of the blogs talk about this so just wanted to know if this story will get updates.

...Fuck it, more harem it is! Cuz why the hell not?

I hope Luna ends up winning the bet.
She could it it to get "payback" on Celestia for not telling her about the island Celestia had(I get she wouldn't tell others but not telling her own sister and trying to go "You didn't ask" as an excuse is not really cool.).
And I bet the "payback" would be fun to see in a fun way pretty much :0


Isn't that the whole point of this story?

Good chapter. Can't wait for the rest of the chapters and the sexy chaos they will have in them.

AH. So happy this is out!!

Twilight's in trouble

Also Ember being jelly of the others, she wants that D from Spike

u swapped between Eris and Pandora at one point...i will assume that it was a mistake...

Another great chapter! Can't wait when they go to the island!

Great update. Can't wait for what's next.

A good chapter! It never stops being cute to see Skystar be so innocent and Pinkie-like.

“I can smell Spike on you,” Pinkie added as she popped up from behind her.

Celestia need to teach Twilight the art of subtlety.

Love the story but it seems like there are anime elements being added to this if so please for the love of God don't turn it into a full blown anime it is fine as is.

A few things, one; I was really going to enjoy the talk the nieces will have with Celestia. Two; I should let every single one of you know that as long as the horn is just cracked, then they can still use them, while removed or sliced don't. And three, when they parroted "beach vacation" or something, it reminds me of this.


“Even I have skeletons that I try to keep hidden,” Twilight added. “You were young back then and I was trying to keep you from having your mind ‘poisoned’ as they call it. As for the gems, that was supposed to be my gift to you, but I forgot about it for so long. I didn’t think you’d find it, but now with you being older and more mature I guess this is your late gift.”

Sadly, I was one of the few that was poisoned at a young age.:fluttercry:

Is it an Egg thing?

I really hope this story continues im intrested to hear what happenes next

Curious on what happens next(hope Luna wins the bet there).

Kind of hurts about the references to the movie honestly.
Yeah.. I am just having a hard time forgiving what the movie done to the Royal Sisters(hurts so much for Luna's case).
Like just getting statued like that for the entire damn movie(whats worse is how the show brushed aside how bad the failure would affect Luna and Celestia. Honestly I feel like Luna would be affected worse there..)

Is this story still going it looks really promising

If Bluebelle were to join Spike’s harem, wouldn’t that technically be incest due to them being adopted cousins?

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