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Well I can picture Sombra likely wanting revenge on the princesses in his own way.

I can't picture him as a real hero but I can picture him as being an evil fighting another.

Although I think he would likely try to gain some caribou slaves eventually (But he would take them his own way not someone forcing a slave to take him he would be the one to control the slave he uses no one else) and test them about what they can do or if the only thing they seem to respond with was lewd things.

I can totally picture the reason why he killed them was essentially the slave and master just forced the slave to take him without Sombra's permission which likely deeply insulted him. After all who would have the audacity to rape Sombra.

If anything Sombra also seems to also use suffering in ways as well. It would be interesting to see how two separate evils clash.

You know I also think Sombra will need to get ahold of someone to practice his mind domination magic like he use to use. I don't think he would risk a wild pony maybe first to test it out on how it affects Caribou.

He may find that due to how Caribou women act they act like perfect servants and pawns very loyal and even though good for harem they do have the potential to be useful tools in his campain maybe even to use as cannon fodder or even enforcers if he can use his mind domination magic and manipulate their weaker minds into useful pawns. They likely wouldn't have improved intelligence since they were always like that but he could likely turn their lustful impulses, loyalty and submissiveness to his own advantage.

He may try to eventually test it on Male Caribou but likely after he manages to successfully get his mind domination magic refreshed on Ponies again. Caribou females would likely be a first experiment.

I can picture Sombra may first try to use the money he acquired at that home to buy a slave for testing. He would likely keep a hood over his head so ponies wouldn't recognize him since it's likely to himself he would be remembered and want to keep the Caribou not aware of him until he was fully ready to strike.

I also dough he would put aside his want to revenge it's likely he would want to keep all the ponies who was responsible for his down falls to he his slaves and not a slave of someone as unworthy as to take over equestria using such a basic form of magic.

Well, this is an interesting start. If Post FOE fics could have Tirek and/or Queen Chrysalis as heroes (or at least unexpected allies), why not King Sombra? It would be interesting to see if Sombra is willing to take on the caribou for Equestria's benefit, or wants to rule Equestria himself. It should be interesting to see what will happen when Sombra comes upon The Mane 6 or the Alicorn Sisters (Celestia and Luna) for that matter.

I had kind of wanted Sombra to make another appearance in MLP after the Season 3 opener, The Crystal Empire. Although he made another great, albeit brief appearance in the Season 5 ender, Cutie Re-Mark, I would still like to see more of him in future episodes.

So, I will await more chapters from this. Do you think including Discord would be too much to ask?

You know you can think of Sombra as an equal opportunity slaver. He would turn any one into a slave.

Also I just realized this Sombra is also likely angry because his revenge was snatched from him. And he likely would think that killing off the caribou to or their leader wouldn't be enough. I can totally picture him turning their leader into his personal butler or his personal Jester to taunt and torment even to be tormented by the slaves he will take from him.

I can actually picture Sombra eventually using his mental domination magic to try to turn a few female Caribou into loyal body guards or look for someone selling a Female Caribou who is at a very cheap price because she doesn't fit the normal measurements but extremely tall and muscled and use her to for an experiment to turn her mind into not simply a loyal slave but since he's still weak but to implant and alter her to give her his knowledge of combat and weapons and to suppress her lust and meekness and turn it into submission and loyalty to Sombra but to a point where if he gave the order she wouldn't hesitate to snap a Male Caribou's neck for him or fight to protect him no matter who gave a counter manning order. I can picture him after seeing an altered Female Caribou and say, "Those fools only use them as sex slaves they never thought that with the submission and loyalty could easily make them into such formidable soldiers...oh well I'll reborn the Caribou according to my will."

I bet however even though she would make for a perfect loyal protector...he may find it annoying that he couldn't enable her mind to completely willfully suppress her more lewd tendencies when she's not guarding him she keeps giving him begging looks. An annoyance at times but I think Sombra could put up with it due to the loyalty.

Good work, need someone to proofread, but good work.

I made Tirek into some sort of hero, but Sombra is another class. Tirek is a brute who needs magic, but was forced to work with ponies and eventually became sort of good, but still an ass if required. But I admit, i was just shooting the breeze on him.

But Sombra will still enslave... but this time it will be red collars, stallions and caribou. He will literally have all the black collars and resisting stallions flock to him because he will give them a chance for vengeance. I like it.

6781606 I'm always open for people to help look over my drafts and idea's ;p Still, I believed Sombra was the one character who fits perfectly in the FoE as either an allie to the ponies (Due to his history of enslavement) or and even bigger threat worse than the caribou. So it was only a matter of time until someone got a story together.

I wonder how Rainbow Dash would react to him? On the one hand, he's an evil tyrant bent on ruling Equestria, yet he would also be against the Caribou and their sexual slavery. His slaves are workers not just concubines, and he doesn't discriminate via gender.

I think due to her loyalty to Equestria and her friends, she may actually form a tentative alliance with him, until such time that the Caribou threat is removed. She respects fighters and power figures, so even if she were against his evil, I think she'd likely see him as the lessor of two evils and help him fight.

This is interesting but I don't think Sombra would join the resistance he has little knowledge of what's going on and considering Rainbow his reputation could be problematic with the resistance.

I hope you have Sombra making experements with the female Caboru. If anything they could be useful spies and tools since their almost everywhere and no one really pays that much attanchion to them or what they say around them. All Sombra needs to do is either buy a female or a few or capture a few who are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Although he may feel somewhat annoyed that the females seem to be more interested in being his harem than his tools and this seems to be a base trait among the female of that species. He would likely have to make some subtle changes to turn them into useful spies then figure out how to no questions asked send them back.

Glad to see the return of this fic. Knowing Sombra I reckon he's going to use his powerful dark magic to counteract the spells of the Caribou, he might even regrow Rainbow's wings as a gesture of trust. If he is so inclined.

I can see in the dialogue between the two, that this will be an interesting partnership. For all his darkness, Sombra admires , almost respects Rainbow here, seeing her not like a slave, like he does with basically everypony, but instead as a warrior whom he would want by his side.

I can't tell yet how this story will play out, especially in regards to Sombra's character development, but I can definitely see these two working well off eachother. Sombra is smart, but he's also ruthless and deadly, while Rainbow isn't as great a tactician or fighter, but she has determination and heart. Together they can be a force to be reckoned with. I'm hoping that should they decide to work together longer, Sombra will eventually regrow her wings (even if he justifies it as healing the would of an ally and giving himself a better fighter to aid in his quest).

If this story decides to take a redemption or reformation arc, I'm really hoping these two stay close.

Now this is why Sombra is my favourite villain. Pragmatically and lawfully evil. He's an evil bastard no doubt about it, but he is evil for a reason. Curious to see how the 'resistance' reacts to him.

Nice chapter. It was interesting to see Sombra and Dash bond, especially since Dash actually had a good time with Sombra as opposed to the Caribou rapists. Hella the clop scene is probably the most sensual Fall of Equestria scene I've read so far, due to promoting equal give and take. Also, the surprise appearances of AJ, Maud, and PP were epic, especially since their first act was to save Sombra and Dash from Caribou after their cover was blown. Hope the next chapter comes soon.

Now I wonder who there leader is? My money it's a stallion not under mind control so good money on Big Mac or maybe something out of left field like Cranky. Sombra is the perfect champion I think. Sort of like having Darth Vader on your side. Powerful and unstoppable and possibly even vaguely loyal. Until his own concerns become priority.

Chalk it up to personal preference, but I'm dropping this one now that I've finished it. I don't like this portrayal of Sombra all that much. I don't like seeing him act this way. There is a difference in acting like the caribou out of necessity at times, but he's consistently adopting their behavior when I see that he's disgusted by them. I imagined this to be a story about ponies and Dash picking Sobra as the lesser evil, picking a tyrant over an invalid (let's face it, there is no rational way the Fall could ever happen).

I don't see any kingly behavior out of him.

7382510 If you're not seeing a clear difference between Sombra and the caribou, that's because at the time being, they're very much alike. Sombra could end up being far worse than them and allying with him could in the end be a huge mistake. Who knows. This is only the second chapter. Still a lot more to explore. But your opinion is very helpful, so thank you.

The sexual tension between those two was driving me insane.
Cant wait to see who this leader is and how its going to end with sombra

This was awesome. Sombra is getting powerful again and Dash is able to rationalize that he is in fact one of their best shots at fixing everything.

Plus the sex scene was super hot. Turth be told I actually hope Rainbow and Sombra get together. It's obvious she has developed some respect for him, and while he still has too much pride to admit it, he definitely has a soft spot for her. They would be an awesome couple.

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