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I swear I'm not.

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This looks fun. A little too much in the dialogue department for me, but I'm sure it's exactly some people's cup O tea. Gonna keep tracking it. Keep it up! A lott'a folks are not going to like it purely on content, so don't let that dissuade you.

I always like group corruption things personally.

Sombre is heartless he just destroying everything that shining armour has f*** that's so f***** up

It’s always the brainwashing with Cadance.

Oh well.

This story is an utterly horrible tale of a man being forced to watch his female relatives be stolen away by another man.

I love it.

Probably means I'm sick in the head, oh well.

Fun read, looking forward to Twilight

Not everyone who can stop him has been imprisoned...
*Mk. 50 with Infinity Stones Iron Man has appeared!*

So... Is Flurry Heart gonna show up? Bear in mind, I haven't read yet.

NTR is trash and so is this story.

I've enjoyed this. Hope to see more!

His smile spread as he bowed his head. "You have my word as a king. Twilight will not be my queen should I have you~"

You know there is a lot of grey area in "Not be my queen" and Sombra knows it.

I do hope we get to see a dragon being bred in this story also!

It was a pleasant surprise to see this story updated. Nice chapter, though I wish Night Light was involved in it personally. Hopefully you will find some use for him in the future.

A bit of warning for the next chapter of this. It's gonna be fucked up. I plan on making it as depraved and as sickening as I can imagine.

For this kind of story, that's the proper way to go. Looking forward to it.

That being said, I think you could really benefit from a proofreader. Way too many errors. I will still read next chapters even if they are in a similar state, but it would be nice to see improvement.

If you know someone whose good at it or know errors I couldn't see, feel free to Dm me them and I'll correct them as soon as I can. Always wanna deliver the best in my writing. But I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far!

Great story! I'm enjoying ever moment of this! Question; You think you'll do a part where he gets the other main characters or side characters?

Liking the expansion of Shining's psychological torture and the interaction/backstory about Equinox. Twilight Velvet's scene was even better with the sacrifices she had to make. Poor Cadance can't seem to catch a break in these sorts of fics!

Please continue this story!

Hope to see this finished. Great work!

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