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Not gonna lie, I'm a little disappointed. The semi-official divorce and wedding was a surprise and hot as fuck, but I was not into the pegging at all. The only thing I was actually looking forward to was seeing Twilight getting dominated by Sombra, and I didn't get that at all.

Maybe you didn't want to be too redundant with this sequal, but I feel like this would have been good as a third and final story. Other than the promise of Twilight getting a fucking later this feels like definitely the end. Also, to be honest, it does feel a bit repetitive. The last one ended with Cadance begging to be made Sombra's wife as he supposedly impregnantes her. Now this one ends with Cadance actually becoming Sombra's wife as he supposedly impregnantes her, but with pegging added in.

Hmm, I am almost hoping for a third now, one with Shining relegated from just a Cuck to a full on fuck sleeve. Maybe have the lock on his cage glued shut for good.

Well, I definitely wouldn't be against making another sequel if it gets enough requests. I have a few ideas for what can happen in a part 3, which includes...

-Shining having to watch guard while Sombra takes one of his mares somewhere in the castle. All the while he has to hear it, knowing he'll have to clean them up afterward~
-Being forced to blow Sombra in his old throne.
-Helping Cadance use a pregnancy test by holding the stick.
-Either having his cock shrunken, or being ready to lock his cage permanently if Cadance is pregnant.
-Having the word 'Cuck' tattooed above his waist.

Granted, I'm fully open to hearing other ideas as well. I just wanted to show I'm not against writing more in the near future~ :3

That first idea sounds great. Also, have the mare be Twilight. Shining being forced to hear his sister being fucked silly while also possibly coming to terms being attracted to his own sister would be great. What's better is that it can take place right where this one ended.

The fifth option is also a good one. Cadance could desperately want another baby and of course Sombra is the only one that can give her one. Have Sombra cum multiple times into Cadance while taking her in a different position each time. You can combine it with the fourth option by having Shining confirm the pregnancy that would seal his cock away forever, and have Cadance be the one to do it.

I must disagree with the pregnancy idea,i mean, they even confirmed that it was just play for Shining. And permanent chastity is too cruel and not realistic, and most certantly not by Cadance.

I would really like to read Shining dressed up as a mare and being fucked by Sombra, and afterwords Sombra fucks Twilight and Cadance in front of him and to end it all he has to eat their creampies😋

I know that the point of the story is to cuck Shining, but I can't help but wonder if Cadence even loves him anymore. Sure, at the end of the story, it is mentioned that she does, but judging from her behavior, it looks like she has really taken Sombra as her husband. Man, do the people hate Sombra, and man does Equestria have a fucked-up justice system.

Don't worry, Cadance loves Shining far deeper than she lusts for Sombra. By this point, Sombra is more of a "boyfriend" than anything else. At the end of the day, Shining wants his treatment, and Cadance loves him enough to have him indulge. Having Sombra as a dominant lover is just a bonus~

Well, the next obvious step would be to get Twilight Velvet involved...

Would say that this is your best series!

Im a sucker for aftercare so it would be really great to see a big cuddly pony pile of them 4 drifting of to sleep at the end of the session.

Fun fact: Chastity actually causes temporary erectile dysfunction if you leave a cage on for months.

Overall... The pegging felt out of place and I didn't get to see Twilight get dominated. It was cool otherwise though.

Would it be wrong to say that I am waiting for Sombra to bend over Shining and mount him in front of some very pregnant mares?

Especially if pregnancy risk was added to the mix. And then Cadance, and both Twilight's progressively swelling with Sombra's offspring while Shining worshiped the baby bumps and the humiliation and degradation that it was his foe that claimed them and gifted them with his offspring.

I would like to either see number 1 or maybe a last chapter. While this story was good, I feel like Twilight really needs for more to happen to her in front of shining.

More like
"a new mare is entered"

Are there herds in the universe?

and if Cadence wants, she can cancel everything for the sake of Shining?

With you there.
I actually wouldn't mind seeing that myself:twilightsmile:

My own thoughts are that if there is a sequel, we should see a short scene that shows Shining and Cadence love each other and how they feel about this outside of the bedroom, just to keep things believable and clear.

Question, will Sombra bang Shining in a sequel? Like not just oral but full on anal?

I know i got my sequel, but can you some how turn this into a full story or something? like... idk more than clop? like plot with clop?... oes that make sense?

Wow, just wow. There's something primal about Twilight showing that sure too is a whore for the bad guy. That first chapter was super hot.

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