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I'm a shameless neckbeard who has a knack for writing a LOT of smut. I have an Official Patreon page (Patreon.com/TheVClaw), and I also take commissions to help support myself as a freelance writer.

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PHR #1 · Mar 2nd, 2017 · · ·

What I like best is the part near the end, where Sombra almost seems to act more gentle after doing the deed. It's as if he and Shining are lovers that just did a BDSM scene, instead of Sombra just being a one-dimensional villain that Shining dreamed up to fill the dom role. Given that, as well as those romantic kisses, I suspect Shining wants more from Sombra than just the D and the whip. :rainbowwild:

Anyway, thanks again for letting me proofread! Glad I could help. :twilightsmile:

I look forward to seeing this on the featured list soon. You did a wonderful job portraying Shining in this. I applaud you sir :moustache:

This is the best ShiningxSombra clopfic I've read in a while! And I second PHR's comment about the aftercare scene at the end. Definitely a nice touch.

I enjoyed that :)

That was really good. My only gripe was that it felt a bit drawn out at times, but otherwise it had a good message and I like how it ended on a lighter note with the kissing and Luna's letter.

Keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

See you silly bones? You made something amazing and hot ^^
Self indulgence for the win <3

Another good fic, as someone who enjoys sombrafics we are sadly lacking on this sire. Bit of a shame as he is a character who lends well to the 'dom' side i find. But great fic, well executed and was worth the wait as always. :trollestia:


7993773 Very good fic, yes, and still true to Shining Armor's and King Sombra's personalities despite their, uh, wonderfully compromised positions, lol!

as someone who enjoys sombrafics we are sadly lacking on this sire

I agree! There are some very good Sombra writers as of late on the 'site. I have a few listed on my profile if you're interested.

Sooo... muuuch... win. Another Sombring <3 . Dammit VClaw, how does everything you touch with your gay literature wand turn to gold? :rainbowwild:

Alternate Ending/Sequel
where it wasn't an illusion and the resident of the Crystal Empire remembers the dream they all had involving Shinging and Sombra. Some wants to forget that it ever happened and some wants to take advantage the the newly revealed sexual deviant side of Shining.

7996960 While it would be interesting, I think a better aspect would be if Chrysalis found out about his desires, and shapechanges into Sombra and comes to him at night; claiming the prince without need for mind control this time. But add a twist. In the process of seducing him in the real world, Chrysalis falls in love with him. Drama and love triangles, with adorable stallion on stallion clop! :twilightblush:

Stop right there. I'll put another sequel idea ontop of your sequel idea.
Spike visiting the Crystal Empire because [insert reasoning here]. What nobody know is that there's a little piece of Sombra secretly laying dormant within Spike's subconscious [see S3 two part opener].
Sombra taking over Spike's body decides to rightfully take back what's his.
Whacky shenanigans happens.

7998073 I dunno. See, Sombra (the real King), just feels like he plays for keeps a little too much. Chrysalis is just incompetent enough that she would screw everything up, reveal herself, and be forced to admit that she loves Shining Armor, and would be his top if it meant he loved her back.

I am a sucker for a consensual love story, and Sombra always struck me as too uncompromising and competent to be a top, and not a slave owner (in all the negative connotations).

The beauty of this story (the one we are replying to) is, anything Sombra does here that is out of character is perfectly fine, because it isn't him. A wonderful stroke.

7998073 Really I just want them to make a freaking episode where Spike gets to really shine and come into his own. Unfortunately the writers hate him :ajbemused:. And Sombra needs a real Arc all his own, hell use the comic. It was a great piece all it's own and also gives Celestia some character.:trollestia:


Really I just want them to make a freaking episode where Spike gets to really shine and come into his own. Unfortunately the writers hate him :ajbemused:.

Honestly, I thought season 6 had some great Spike episodes. Gauntlet of Fire and The Times They Are A Changeling both really showed his strengths as a character without making him a comic foil. I'll admit that he's been given some sub-par episodes in the past, but I think the latest season shows that the writers are capable of giving him more depth and competence in the series.

So... Sombra tries to dom Shining while in Spike's body? Because I gotta admit, that idea has good potential for both comedy and sexiness. Although personally, I think Spike is just as good for sub material as Shining. :twilightblush:

Yes and yes.
I find it funny seeing Spike is trying to dom Shining Armor, a pony that's almost twice his size and power.
If you want Spike to be in the sub position just have him waking up the next day with no memory of what happen. Knowing that he was with Shining before mysteriously blacking out Spike makes his way to see the stallion. Shining agrees to explain exactly what had happened and is surprised to see Spike is actually quite interested in the activity that happened that night.

That was fucking hot. :rainbowwild:

Man, that was a hot story all around.

And this is why Pincess Luna is not just best Princess, but wisest as well.

Whenever I need inspiration for hot stallion loving, I come back and read this. Not copying, of course, but it gets me in the right headspace. If I could vote this up a second time, I would. :eeyup:

First and foremost, you are a very masterful writer. The smutty part was fantastic, of course, but the story leading up to and after was also very intriguing and well written. I want to praise it and you more, but I can’t think of anything else to say without just rambling about the small things.

The answer that Shining put for the question

Do you have any regrets?

is no.

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