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I'm a shameless neckbeard who has a knack for writing a LOT of smut. I have an Official Patreon page (Patreon.com/TheVClaw), and I also take commissions to help support myself as a freelance writer.


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Now this is a redemption arc I can get behind!

*boom* *tish*

I’m a conspiracy theorist that thinks shining and cadence, were only made by the marketing team in hasbro so we’d make a shit ton of fucked up porn involving them. Literally no other characters on the show rival the amount of body transformations, cheating, incest, foalcon, etc except for fluttershy. I think the CIA uses them as a distraction so we stay jerking off and not paying attention to how they covered up of JFK. :rainbowlaugh:

I am high as fuck right now, and this is one of the greatest comments I have ever read.

There is no way in hell the mods will let you get away with that cover art.

Yeah, they've dinged people for far less.

There's the slightest bit of truth to that in the classic-Disney-esque purity of their introduction. The whole show is wholesome and child-friendly, of course, but them in particular ... beautiful royal wedding, happy marriage, living in a crystal castle with a godlike daughter, in the seperate empire where the entire point is just be happy and let their light radiate across the land. The villains they've had personal contact with have also been some with the least canonical possibility for sympathy; Sombra is a great example. We've fanoned him into a heartthrob, but in the show, he's said to be inspired by goddamned Sauron. The contrast only makes this couple look even more pure and good.

Point being. We see something that's too clean, we like to dirty it up. These two work really, really well for that.

Somehow I expected Sombra to fuck Shining after he was done with Cadence.

The comparison still applies. Sauron from the film is nowhere close to his actual appearence. Sauron from the books was handsome, charismatic, and very intelligent. He almost conqured Middle-Earth, not by force, but by outwitting the other races. He created all of the magic rings and convinced the leaders of the other races that they were a form of olive branch, then created the One in order to control all the others.

I could actually see the real Sauron enjoying something like this, but only if he would gain something from it.

I would love a sequal where they bring in Twilight in order to break down Shining even more, or maybe after a while they decide to let Shining have some fun but the only hole he can use or touch is Cadance's ass.

I actually considered Twilight being involved if I were to do a seuel. As well as more... permanent punishments~

tattooing, perhaps?~

The emphasis on permanent scared me for a second before I read the fine print. For me this went right up to the line. Anything beyond might feel like it would cease to be domination and became sadism, but that's just me.

Edit: Also, if this is really pet play, then Sombra and Cadance would need to take good care of their pet. That was kinda where my second suggestion was coming from.

9214847 Did someone say incest!?

9214857 I just wanted to pop in and congratulate you on getting that cover art past the mods. I wish I was that brave.

Wow, really? I didn't know any of that. Man, I've got to read those books; my mom's a superfan and she's been recommending them since I was old enough to read.

Well at least both are ok with the cucking

NTR is trash. That is all.

This is probably my new favorite clopfic. Not only it happens to throw my favorite themes at me one after another while completely avoiding everything I don't like; your writing is amazingly vivid, and you somehow managed to surprise me with an ending that more than half of cuckolding stories have. Thank you for this, totally worth getting only 4 hours of sleep.

On a side note, if you write a sequel, I hope it will not have Shining and Cadance suddenly coming to their senses and Sombra suddenly backing down.

Now that was hot. Interesting take on the couple, spicing up their sex life by bringing another person into the relationship. Quite the captivating threesome. I can't help but want a sequel where they bring in Twilight to really ramp it up.

Not gonna lie, i'd love to see a story where they end up falling for each other. As it stands though? This would make for absolutely HOT porn, lol

Fucking hot! I thing Sombra's going to have a fun night.



A lot of dark themes and topics that are neatly packed into this clopfic! Nonetheless, can't wait to see a sequel happening! Though I kinda feel bad for Shiney...even if he's more than happy with his current situation! uwu

Wow, I'm not usually into heavier stuff like this (like the cock-cage), but this was so heavily dominant I couldn't help but enjoy.

Wish Shining had gotten a chance to cum though, he was such a good boy he certainly earned it.

Truth be told I did want to hear Shining screaming as he took it too but still quite great.

Not bad, I like it. Can't say I'm much for cuckolding, but I am a fetishist, and likes me a well written fetish story, which you did here. I do think you need a sequel or another chapter to continue the relationship. I picture it being a weekly or at least monthly get together (the magic runs out if you do it too often), and I wouldn't mind seeing Cadance get pregnant, could have some real humiliation fun at that point.

Finally a story with cuckold and chastity. We need so much more of these

i like this next time Sombra shoul fuck Shining Armor:heart:


I'm not sure how well that sort of thing would work for this kind of story; however, there are more than enough stories involving those two in the Shining/Sombra group~

You are amazing and this story is amazing! Youre the main reason i come to this site because you do stores like this! <3

Loved it! Not sure if there is a chance for a continue but would love to see possibly a crossdressing / sissy shining armor being rammed by in a sequel!

This series ticks a lot of boxes for me ( :yay: ) so I went ahead and favorited all three after finishing chapter one. This is going to be a fun evening!

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