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Pretty good so far.

Obscene Romance

Whoa there, easy, let's not get TOO creative.

I wonder if he will ask for his cat

Well this was a fun surprise to find, love it :D

Though the cat better be ok in the end XD

Your degeneracy knows no bounds. You are a man of focus, commitment and sheer fucking will to pumping out endless smut fics, and I respect your dedication to your work, but holy fucking shit I have never noped faster away from a fic than now.

Thanks for the kind words

I try to tag my stuff for reasons like this - don't want to blindside someone with a kink/fetish that'd turn them off!

You're just pumping out these stories! Are these commissions, or do you write them alongside each other?

For larger stories like this, I juggle chapters between other works.
I'd say like 95% of what I put out is commission work, but it's not like I keep the money.
I have customers send the $$$ to folks who actually need it, people who've fallen on hard times or struggles.

You know, I never think I have ever seen a story where it's male on FUTA before; it's always the futa who's the dominant one. I wonder if there's a story where the roles are reversed, or you know, you get like a cocky FUTA who gets out a gun. Either way, sorry I went on a rant. Good story.

This is insanely hot. Can't wait for more!!!

But what happened to the cat?

Well this was utterly amazing and I'm genuinly sad that I won't get to see more of Citi and Viynl, and Octavia because god damn that's an image XD

Seriously awesome work :D

Also, noticed something that may be a mistake:

unquestioningly pleading your body to her

Should that be pledging?

Good catch on that typo, btw
I got it corrected

Do you know what the main problem is? You write TOO well, there are very few authors who can write like that

Odd request. But could u do futa luna and fleur de lis? In the future. Ttyl

You know, I really expected them to literally transform Citizen (that name felt weird from the beginning) AKA Citi into a real mare by giving that femcolt a Kitty down there and all that.
Due to lack of time, I'll summarize my thoughts about the story.

Hot stuff, and has the continuity and variety throughout the tale so stuff doesn't get bored.
I don't like public humiliation (unless it's for comedic purposes) and especially if it involves social self-destruction due to some past personal events, so I skipped some parts, But I can certainly tell that it's nice overall.

Octavia is a welcoming figure in there. Although Vinyl breaking Citi before dampened the pressure of her actions, I like her scene and how professional she was. And At the wedding she remained elegant And did it like a routine. Funny!

I like how Citi is allowed to keep some of his past while staying with Vinyl. But it would be nice if we can know more about that, especially the cat.

Citi really changed a lot, But it's interesting that this Pony actually stayed sensitive throughout the experience. He must have been fed aphrodisiac and medicine to get his head messed with.

That Yak scene was also Funny. Obviously the glory (hole) times were interspecies times. How that Yak has so much power gave scared arousal was exciting.

See you next time!

I think this is the first story I've read on this site that I wish I could selectively remove from my memory so that I could read it again for the first time. Would love to see some more longer, narrative-driven works like this one.

Well....considering how much love this got and that I'm the commisioner....I suppose I could think about more~

Doooooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

Fucking disgusting leech that's hand holding levels of wrong! you wholesome fuck.( but truly keep up the good work whether that work be writing or helping the needy or whatever you want to do)

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