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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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Aw, syay. Here we go again.

Passionate Handholding

Is it just me, or is this joke starting to get old?

Great work

So cadence is building her own changing army lol. What's she gonna do now? Invade Chrissy's hive in the Badlands to turn over to thorax? Lol

Nice little story, my only gripe being the description promising anal when there was none.

My apologies. Not sure why I put that in there
Thanks for letting me know about it!

Not for the first time, I say " I wish to see the sociopolitical fallout of this pornography!"
Will the proximity of Cadance and the Heart warp their physiology? Will Flurry get spoilt rotten by her dozens of half siblings?

A flash passed over Sektiss’ eyes, as they locked onto the barely veiled appendage dangling between Cadance’s legs. She’d known the Princess was a dickmare since day one, yet she’d kept the knowledge well guarded. As far as she knew, only Prince Shining Armor and herself were aware of the alicorn’s equipment and neither of them would ever speak a word of it to anyone - it was, after all, one of the things she loved about her Queen.

What about everyone involved in Flurryheart birth?

Notice-me-not spell on it along with an invisibility spell on it would do the trick.

O... Right... I guess that makes sence?...


Hope Cadance dont overdo it... :facehoof: Raising nymphs is a shitload of time and effort plus they need a lot of love... :duck:
At least there military will be no longer lacking :ajsmug:

Going to be awkward if Flurry Heart ends up falling in love with one of her changeling half-siblings.

Given their wildly accelerated growth rate, I wouldn't be too concerned about it

“Wait,” Cadance groused, scrunching her snout. “Didn’t I only assign two of you to the shift?” Looking between them, noticing that the pair beside the doorway glanced over at the third, she smiled. “Telson, is that you?” she chuckled, stepping over to the sentry who’d been singled out.

Edit 2/1/2020:

she’d been found by the Cadance in the aftermath.

Edit 2/3/2020:

“My Queen, no! Sektiss is but a humble drone! She is not deserving of such things!” Sektiss modestly admitted, blushing slightly.

Slowly lowering her body, sighing with delight, Sektiss impaled herself.

Yeah , they'll be physically and mentally older than her relatively quickly. (Which I mean their bodies will have age to full maturity)

Love this mini series(?)!

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