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Happy to see this sequel. Stormy Flare and Spitifre deserved this.

Next is Mothers and Daughters of ALL the Wonderbolts, ending with many old and new Mothers to-be!

Why do I get the feeling those two are gonna have to do some explaining in a few months? Lol

*Smacks self* It never even crossed my mind that Stormy in the previous story was that Stormy. I thought that they had both been OCs the commissioner wanted.

Still, this was entertaining. They need to be careful though, or else Gear will find herself servicing every mare on The Wonderbolts team.

...not that she would mind...

You are a horrible wonderful tease. I hope there's just a mass Wonderbolts service.

Edit: Or just her enjoying more play time with her small mares Stormy and Spitfire and getting them pregnant.

Please don't give Unnero11 ideas XD

What a :twistnerd: with Stormy Flare and Spitfire:derpytongue2:!

Yeeees Gooood excellent

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