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You know, it's been a while since we had another Rumble Futa story.

Futa on Futa?

(good work my guy)

Everybody, let's begin with a new Vis-A-Viscera segment that is guaranteed to never been seen before, because I probably won't be making note of it on main (INCOMING SHAMELESS PLUG, NOT COUNTING THE NUMBER ARIA DID ON THE SUBWOOFER) unless I can find a way to tie it into Patreon productions. Vis-A-Viewings! Guess this is the first up, so let's begin. Bit new at this, mind.

“That a rocket in your pocket…” the siren asked, nodding to the growing swell in the mechanic’s pants, “or are you just happy to see me.”

“Well,” Gear began, tossing her jacket to the side and practically ripping the shirt up and over her head, “it might night be a rocket, but she’s one hell of a ride!” Fiddling with her pants, trying to avoid ripping the button clean off, she failed to notice movement from the futon.

Two things come to mind at this:
1) that this would be where I yank up my obscenely overpriced phone, swiped to a random factory number in Wisconsin, and ask if they're missing treasured product.
2) But in a phenomenon, I am now dubbing today as "Vintage Leech Style™" a thing I would once call this,
has now become an actual thing that worked in this story. The setting is beautifully established in both tone, sass, and that little hint of straining disbelief I can only assume Tekky's Viagra dealer suffers regularly. So rather than ask myself if this line rolled off an I am frantically debating where or not to roll that phrase off and possibly break a law of physics. I've got the accent to do it, don't test me, folks.

In short, Leech: a fantastic job. This is a balance few-if-ever-any authors here strike and you make it look easier than Ms. Peachbottom okay even that obvious a joke is beyond me. You will see more glorified tongue-bathing referrals to this style later on. Let us continue.

Hissing with delight, while grabbing one of her friend’s pigtails, Gear watched the performer wantonly kiss and fondle her balls. She had no doubt that she smelled like a blue-balled stallion, given how long it’d been since she’d had release, though she saw no reason to stop the woman.

Who'd you think your kidding? She's Equus and Heaven to you / Try to keep it hidden? Girl the blind can see right through you/Girl you can't conceive it, we know how you're feeling and you got got GOT IT BAAAD

(Yes I do judge certain clopfics by how well I can tie a Disney song to them, don't call it ruining, call it Medium-Aware Vintage Leech Style™" Also yes I will be getting mileage from this. On that subject...

Holding the siren’s leg aloft, shifting the girl onto her side, she ground her hips forward. With damn near perfect aim, her stallionhood sunk into Aria’s backdoor like an ass seeking torpedo.

(Furiously hits backspace on the phrase 'harpoon torpedo' in Prada in the Spa Flitter/Cloudchaser fic I'm doing and shamelessly replaces it with this because hell if it's libel, a story without a chance to spread this glorious phrase is like Lent without coke.)

And finally....

Uh-huh! Watching from the control room, mostly, but Adagio said we should come out and say hi!” Sonata blissfully responded, smiling innocently.

“Well I hope you enjoyed the show,” Gear huffed, covetously pulling her siren lover closer.

Enjoyed?” Aria balked, rearing back. “If you think we’re done, you’ve got another thing coming!”

“See, I told you, like a pair of horny teens on prom night,” Adagio giggled, playfully elbowing the cerulean siren. “By the way, Gear,” she added, leveling a finger to the dickmare’s sheathed length, “absolutely magnificent cock. I wouldn’t mind having a go at it myself sometime.”

“Hey, Dagi!” Aria barked, drawing her friends’ attention. “You just wish you and that blue dork could get it on like this!” she teased, flipping her fellow songstress the bird. Turing back to Gear, she leaned in and crammed her tongue into her girlfriend’s mouth.

“Come on, Sonata, let’s leave them be for now,” Adagio huffed, turning and stomping away.

“You guys have fun!” Sonata chirped, skipping off to follow her bandmate.

Shouldn't be this heartwarming after so intense a session but again - actually you know what, gonna drop the funnyman attempts here and be civil.

Leech, this part, and no other coming after the previous part and no other, and still managing to present the sirens in less than 200 words as a concerned and cooperative force in Aria's life - after so long where FIM Fiction seems to reward every attempt to do the opposite of world-build for these very Sirens, and especially so in clopfic -is a credit to how amazing you are as an author. And most of all it shows - ironic enough, considering your source material - how much you do with so little, so maddeningly yet satisfyingly often.

Gonna see if I can tackle Chapter 2 by tomorrow, but right now I've got a way-too-long-procrastination Carnation chapter to return to and a cold-water bill to run up. Good job, my good loquacious Rorschach-test-faced unicorn friend.

Love your amazing work

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