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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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a gallon of caffeinated dragon spunk

So... was that a gallon of dragon spunk that had caffeine added? Or was it a gallon of spunk from a caffeimated dragon?

That was an interesting experience
Donated from a draconic barista, then further enhanced with pure cut, 100% lab grade caffeine, it packs one hell of a wallop!

I would like to volunteer to help out with the donation process :P

Haven’t even read it yet but I can already tell that the main issue is that it’s only 5k words

Yep I just want more

There'll be more, no worries!

Leech is kinda my go-to harlot for kinks and/or lewd situations that I just wanna have fun with.

“Is that - Mmmph - all you got,” Haan grunted.

Unf, Simply sinful.


But I meant more of this specifically where she’s fucking the whole hive...and maybe then goes home with some still in her system and has intense, passionate, hawt lewd, kinda vanilla sex with Tekky.

I clicked on the link to the sequel and it just kept going.

Oh, I assure you
She's gonna keep some of that royal jelly...

“ I’m going to fuck every single one of you …” Leech whispered, a rictus grin splitting her face.

Every single one of their dicks are going to be shriveled up husks:rainbowlaugh:!!!

Leech... i have no idea how you come up these, but don't you dare stop. You are godly at this

>Catastrophic bukkake
Well, now I HAVE to read it.

She fucked the entire hive? Jeez, dare I ask how massive a clutch of eggs she's gonna end up laying? And yes, of course that question is relevant--you said that jelly makes queens super goddamn fertile. And that it morphed Leech on a biological level. So, being the astute man of science I am (not), the only logical conclusion is that her ovum can now be impregnated with thick, viscous changeling spunk and gestate into changeling eggs. Yep, totally infallible logic right thar...

Also, no offense, but caffeinated dragon spunk sounds like a bad time. Like cocaine on french toast, or something.

god fucking damnit leech, that was amazing.

> Like cocaine on french toast
Who said that's bad?!?

Wait until you see what I've got in store for her
There'll likely be a follow-up to this one (involving some very knocked up mama Leech), a few with zeebs (subverted expectations), as well as a few other debaucherous adventures.

Stay tuned!!!

Well, at first it's a good time. You'll have a very productive day; but then... you won't.

... I want to see Tekky have some of that Royal Jelly.

It's been too long since Tekky got in on the shenanegans.

Impregnated by channgelings? Please, after that much Royal jelly there's absolutely no sperm in the world that wouldn't knock her up with a single drop, even when the partner should theoretically be firing blanks. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if she could get knocked up by tribbing now! :rainbowlaugh:

Unfortunately that'd limit the amount of fetishy shenanigans she can get into, so not gonna happen in such an extreme. But she's still certainly going to lay a LOT of channeling eggs soon. Her own eggs, not just carrying others'. Huh, would that make her an official channeling queen, in a way? :rainbowhuh:

It'd be interesting to see how Leech reacts to being an legit mom this time around. She's gonna have a lot of babies.

I can already see Leech spending several hours giving birth to possibly hundreds of changeling eggs after this.

The hive would probably take an hour or so to reach, but that was a small price to pay for being elected to serve as royalty.

Wait, only an hour on foot? That's how long it takes for me to walk to my local supermarket from my house. Are you telling me that the hive is only 2 miles away? Must be a tourist attraction or something...

It's a small hive.
Think of it like a tiny outpost.

and a Catastrophic Bukakke

Okay, I am going to have to read this soon. I want to know how that works.

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