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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...


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:rainbowderp: that fuckin hats creepy

Tekky has been left unmolested for the evening

You monster.

Creepy hat alert

“Tekky,” Leech mumbled, turning around and exposing her front side to her friend, “do you like me?”

“I…” Tekky began, attempting to formulate an answer. Leech and she had become damn good friends, since they’d met, but she’d never really examined it from a romantic angle. Hell, she’d never been that romantic of a dickmare, to begin with! Over the years, she’d had all manner of sexual shenanigans, but she really hadn’t dated much. She gulped, realizing she had to say something.

“You’re a really good friend, maybe even my best friend. So, yeah, I like you,” Tekky declared, hoping the verbal maneuver would placate the girl. She hoped Leech’s vodka pickled brain wouldn’t continue to pepper her with questions. Mercifully, the ploy worked, and she quickly found herself tackle-hugged by the naked mare.

Yeah, just as a friend...right:ajsmug:.

“Yeah, I’m an asshole, because I carried you in here and put up with you every day,” Tekky retorted, watching the girl begin to lather herself.

“Yup, you’re an asshole, but you’re not as pretty as this asshole,” Leech laughed, presenting her rear and prying her cheeks apart.

Nice comeback:rainbowlaugh:!!!

Also that ending...I may be wrong, but there could be some more lewd Shenanigans in the future with not only Tekky and Leech...but with this Pepper guy as well...:rainbowderp:.

Ohhh Spooge...
at first, i read Sponge XD

"Sponge? Now that's some weird fetish!" XD

why dont they just get married

Keep in mind (I'm not gonna spoil anything) but were now drawing 3 seperate peoples oc's into a single story (or tekky's universe if you will). also lewd shenanigans with the hat may be limited. Depends on if me and him come up with anything we like. ideas are going around. Don't worry though. Peepers is friendly ;3

I think I saw Peepers in teo SFM porn pics of Tekky and Leech on Derpibooru.

Interesting build up for the next story

This was incredibly cute and romantic. Also hot as fuck.

Ok, first of all I love Mr. Peepers and I know that there will be a lot of shenanigans including this character. Damn, that hat prepared a water for leech, for me he is already part of the family!

The thing I love with Tekky and Leech is their dynamic and interractions. My favourite part of this storyline is still where Tekky discovered a homeless girl is hiding in her supply space. And in this chapter is a lot of stuff that I like - character interactions/dialogue

Maybe Tekky should use Leech while Leech is asleep sometime.

You know, that's not a bad idea!

I'm glad I can help.

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