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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...


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Damn, this looks like my cup of tea. I'll have to uh, "review" it later.

well this was a nice read been a while sense I've see a good M/F clop, keep it up and maybe have a more kinky sequel.

now that was a good read, just how i like it ^^

sound's like it they might live together anyway :)

So... This the start of a new chain of stories? Don't get me wrong, I like the anthro-verse you've got, but this has the makings of a new series to me.:raritywink:

I love Pone Leech, I really can't get into anthro for some reason. :twilightsheepish:


Good story. I love this variation of your story's. Despite my avatar I'm not a big anthro fan.

Surprisingly cute. I love it, keep it up Leech.

Image if you had an anthro version AND a pony version. Double bank


May as well spoil it. Yes, there are going to be a number of feral adventures with her. I've already got several other multi-chapter stories in the works.

:yay: Glad to hear it! I've definitely enjoyed some of your other works so I'll keep my eye out.

Well I'm relived to hear the anthro stuff will still be around

Me after reading this clopfic: Well fuck my ass and call me senpai... this was glorious!

Good shit Leechman, looking forward to future chapters!


I agree with the inspector, Frigid and Leech are so cute together :heart:

Well she did claim him while boarding so it makes sense they turn pretense into reality.

Awesome read. Great job!:moustache:

I was gonna make an 'Um AcTuAlLy' joke, but I forgot where, so take my like and... Go.

Another story that seems worthy of the godly two sentence conversation in Golf it.

"Fuck my ass!"


Figure that one out, scientists.


her chitinous appendage

Your carapace is showing.
What is it with you and chitinous appendages?

she gave her drooling entrance a lick.


size on his size

And side on his side, too.


And I’ll make dinner too, even though I lost.

I thought you won?


MORE! :flutterrage:
This is a really good start, I'll wait for the next story!

Not often I see - no, that's incorrect, let me rephrase.

I've got to start getting my Leech lore up if this is the first I've seen of her going philosophical.

I'd argue she's the first O.C. I've seen who's worked herself into 'sex connoisseur' status and it shows. While she's literally corkscrewing herself of the pegasus titan she'd just conned a ride off of Like, this is the first time, I've seen where the complexity of working over another stallion, another partner, like its a cerebral head game and she's the queen of that hill really show's how in this land of clopfic's Some Leech is Pope.

Or Popess. Not too sure, but that rolls easier off the tongue.

Like, this is the Leech who with a bit more application could wrap Equestria around her finger (well, hoof in this case) by simply knowing who to do and how to do them, and I'd give life-bearing limbs for a chance to see her handle this on one of the heavy hitters in this land of harmony, but the down-to-earth attitude and day-to-day mindset really helps sell her as the personification of potential.

I've had my ups and downs about having Leech as a possible character to work with and maybe flossing out a collab between you and I Leech, but this, this Leech right here, the one that can chomp on candy and hook in a pegasus almost twice her size, who can roll into the back for a romp and still not give a care who's running for it, that devil-may-care stallion-with splooge demeanor... I've got to have Viscera or Rappid or someone in my ensemble play off of that because this Leech is perfect.

As an O.C., a slow-build complex character, and a damnably sexy standard-bearer in FIMFic for the fact that just because the rating's M doesn't mean the character's N - as in nonexistent. Leech is rich in mental state and I'm gonna find a way, one way or another, to have Rappid finally let her hair down around her because no O.C. might allow her to more fully explore her by her own aura than Leech. Frigid's a lucky mare.

And the fic's great too. Sorry for taking so long to get to it.

Like I said. wait till August and I'll be able to show, in the literary way only I can do, how this will be the start of a beautiful friendship-with-benefits. For the unicorn, of course.

Take my like, my fav, my incoming birthday fic (and hope for many more), and keep on shining you crazy diamond.

Thank you for the praise

I have many more adventures coming with her =w=

Great story man! I really love Leech as a character and I can't wait to read more of her antics with Frigid

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