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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...


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Sexy time!

I loved this, especially the ending where her belly balloons to an enormous size. XD

And "Mister I don’t give a shit about pants" is just perfect,

the mare absentmindedly rubbed several scabbing bite marks on her collar and upper chest…


I suddenly get the feeling the isn’t the last we’ve seen of Weretimberwolves...

The duel colored degenerate does it again

Ok I admit this one was cool as hell

Btw what ever happened with tekky?

Gone, reduced to atoms

sunning work as always, also hope you're staying safe doing well and having a great day

That's ruff buddy... :ajbemused:

She's still around - probably off somewhere balls-deep in someone! :trollestia:

I like to think she’s still plowing Leech on the regular but that writing (and reading) that’d get repetitive so we’re seeing what weird shit she gets up to.

I mean it’s not that hidden, but thanks.

Though, just to be sure, you do know we’ll need to have a morning after with “Mister I don’t give a shit about pants,” and presumably another romp with him, just as a bat pony, right?

Dude are you being intentionally vague in what you’re answering? There are, like at least two things you could be referring to.

To be a bit less nebulous, I may write more with Frost and I should write more with Tekky X3

You have no idea how tempted I was to use that as a title.


There’s always next time, right?

Whooo! That was spicy! Judging from the sequel, looks like Leech got what she asked for when she said for the doggo to "breed a little into her."

And I am 110% into that.

Oh god here we go again

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