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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...


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These two really should just get married

I wonder what their foal is gonna be named?

Leech looked around, noting the disheveled and messy state of her host’s bedroom. Clothing of unknown cleanliness lay scattered here and there along with a small stack of empty snack boxes by the bed. Off in one corner was a trash bin which, among other things, was heaped with questionable tissues. “Huh, and here I thought it was my imagination that your room just smelled like cum,” she commented aloud.


Leech cleared her throat before holding her finger aloft, “Standard practice Ma’am. You’ve fractured your distal phalanx and your room is a mess; as such, precautions must be taken to protect you from yourself.” The unicorn suddenly fumbled with the clipboard before dropping it to the floor. “Shit,” she hissed before she gave her friend a devilish look as a sinister notion took hold. “ Oh no !” Leech lamented, over-dramatically holding a hand to her face, “I dropped my chart.” A look of mischief danced in her eyes as she gazed at Tekky, “Guess I’ll have to pick it up.” Turning her rump to the dickmare, Leech bent over with glacial speed; running her hands down the dark fur of her thighs as she reached to the floor. The painfully short skirt hitched over the twin globes of her rump, teasingly exposing the cherry red thong nestled between her cheeks.

Leech you sly little fox:ajsmug:.

“Oooo,” Leech lilted, gently grabbing Tekky’s dick and dragging it out into the open, “what’s this?” Squeezing it delicately, she worked her hand up and down its semi-flaccid length. The velvety blue flesh steadily expanded, filling out in her grasp and allowing her fingers to skim over several pronounced veins. Rotating her grip, she slipped her hand lower, delving into the pajama pants to fondle the plump and heavy nuts therein. She bit her lip as she imagined just how much creamy goodness they contained. ‘ I’m such a fucking slut ,’ Leech thought to herself.

A sexy one at that:raritywink:.

“I was cursed by a gypsy and if I don’t nut in a mare every single day I’ll die a horrible death!” Tekky exclaimed mockingly.

Really Tek:rainbowlaugh:?!

Very hot and funny sex scene...that snuggle part was so cute in the end:heart:! Just what this story needed, lots of hugs and snuggles:rainbowkiss::heart:!

By the way, are Tekky and Leech gonna have a foal together:pinkiehappy:? They are growing quite fond of one another:ajsmug:.

Tekky certainly wouldn't mind putting a blueberry bun in that oven! Guess we'll have to see what happens!!! :trollestia:

Finally, and, yeah, this was good.

good story...so uh....sauce for the thumbnail? :raritywink:


You sick fuck.


I know, the depths of my depravity knows no bounds!

OC is Tekky, you can find more of them, including the source image, on Derpi!

eyyyy ;) thanks for hookin' a brother up....this is totally for pure educational reasons by the way....yeah :twilightblush:

Of course :3 PURELY educational Like the education of how much cum a big blue futa would pump into a slutty dumpster horse :D

Need to animate these two at some point owo

I concur. They should get hitched.

Lewd Snuggling

You sick fuck.

Can you even conceive how much more of a slut would Leech become while pregnant? Tekky wouldn't be able to spend five minutes without hitting her sword in that scabbard.

THANK YOU! someone understands :raritywink:

and yes, you really should-- :twilightblush:

I hope her toe is ok.

I love happy endings. Especially Juice ones :eeyup:

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