Maverick Matriarch

by Some Leech

First published

Leech, for some plot driven reason, is put in charge of a changeling hive. If you don't see the problem with that statement, you must not be familiar with the character...

Having to leave her hive for a few days, Queen Braconidae makes the extraordinarily unwise decision to have Leech look over her hive. As to why she chose to have the impish and overly sexual unicorn serve as the temporary ruler, nobody can truly say. Regardless, her swarm finds themselves facing a very unexpected question. Exactly what does happen when a strumpet pony feasts upon changeling royal jelly...

Kinks Include: Female on Male, Male on Female, Female on Female, Gang Bang, Carnal Combat, Vaginal, Oral, Anal, Super-Charged Succubus Levels of Debauchery, a Pinch of Transformation, Envenoming, Creampies Galore, and a Catastrophic Bukakke

Artwork by Torionion

Shapeshifter Subjugation

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“Leeeeeeech! You got some mail,” Tekky groaned, lumbering up the stairs towards their living quarters. “Says it’s from - uh - some Queen Baconday?” she added, attempting to decipher the ornate handwriting on the envelope.

Poking her head out of her room, the white maned, onyx unicorn peered at the stairwell. Leech hadn’t been expecting any mail - in fact, she rarely ever got any mail to begin with, so the letter was a bit of a mystery. Scampering out, adorned in a pair of boxers and an “I hate Mondays” t-shirt, she fetched the message from the ponderous blue dickmare.

“At least it’s not another stupid letter from the district attorney…” Leech grumbled, stomping over and snatching the envelope from her friend’s hands.

“Prostitution charges again?” the tall dickmare chuckled, shaking her head.

“First of all, it wasn’t prostitution!” Leech spat, waving the letter in her roommates face. “Secondly, they paid me to leave! There’s a difference!” she added, shifting her focus to the correspondence. “Tek, for fuck’s sake, it says Queen Braconidae, not Baconday,” she snidely remarked, lamenting her roommates abhorrent english skills.

“Whatever,” Tek groused, her interest waning. “I’m gonna take a nap, since we’re closed for today,” she muttered, plodding into her bedroom.

“Alright, I’ll wake you up when I get bored,” Leech mumbled, glancing down at the envelope.

It’d been ages since she’d heard from the queen - a local changeling matriarch whom she’d met nearly a year prior. While she hadn’t spoken with Braconidae following their fateful encounter, she was periodically updated on the hives activities, through her shapeshifting friends Haan and Copper. Still, neither of them had mentioned anything about the letter, so her curiosity was piqued.

Slipping the envelope open, Leech began to read.



I hope you’ve been faring well. Sorry for the lack of communication, I’ve been busy establishing a secondary hive outside of Las Pegasus. Regardless, we could use your assistance. Since I’ll be occupied with my niece, the residing Queen for our new settlement, I’d like you to look after my colony.
Under normal circumstances, I’d be reluctant to place a pony in charge, although I’m lacking options. My drones are mostly male, and they seem to operate more effectively under the hoof of a strong, domineering mare. As such, if you could serve as the temporary matriarch, I’d be in your debt. Of course you’ll have access to the hive’s resources, amenities, and be compensated, upon my return.
If you…


Leech jammed the letter into her pocket, before she was even finished going over it. Damn near running into her room, she began haphazardly tossing items into an oversized duffel bag: lube, clothes, negligee, bondage gear, backup lube, socks, a camera, and a number of other items were hurriedly stowed. Frankly, she stashed anything which might be needed.

“What the hell are you doing?” Tek asked, drawn by the commotion.

“I’m gonna be a Queen!” Leech practically squealed, a crazed look in her eye, as she rounded on her friend.

“Yeah...I’m just gonna…” the potion maker murmured, slowly backing away.

Tekky was fairly sure Leech had gotten her rabies booster this year, so that likely wasn’t the problem. The last time she’d seen her friend that excited was when the intramural rugby team of Zebras was in town, leading to her having to sedate the unicorn for the weekend. Whatever the hell was going on, she figured she’d leave herself out of it.

Stripping out of her leisurely attire, Leech burrowed into her closet. If she was to preside over an entire hive of changelings, she’d need to wear something special. No mere shabby shirt, comfortable pants, or pajamas wouldn’t fit the bill - not in the slightest. Finally, after digging around for a minute, she found what she was after.

Considering it was the middle of summer, and the shapeshifting bug-horses tended to be on the raunchy side, she settled on just the right outfit. Not only would it assert her dominance, but it would make good and damn sure that everyone present, changeling or not, took note of her. Flinging off her garments, she stepped into the specially selected apparel.

“Alright, I’ll be back whenever,” Leech called, hefting her duffel over her shoulder.

“Fine, I guess I’ll just I’ll just be alone, again,” Tekky petulantly whined, from within the depths of her room.

“Tekky, please, you’ve been too busy with The Older Manuscripts, Seabrim for at least two weeks. Hell, you forgot to even open the shop a few days,” the unicorn fussed. Scrunching her snout, she headed towards the stairs. It was true, the dickmare had been virtually addicted to her latest game choice - so much so that Leech hadn’t gotten a proper rutting from her in nearly a month.

“Bye. Hopefully I don’t starve,” Tekky shouted, staying out of site.

“You won’t starve, you’re too chubby,” Leech yelled, reaching the first floor.

Without hearing a reply, she briskly trotted through the shop and out the front door. Stepping outside, into the oppressive, midday heat, Leech set off towards her destination. The hive would probably take an hour or so to reach, but that was a small price to pay for being elected to serve as royalty. Strolling through the village, ignoring the slack jaws and gobsmacked expressions of the townsfolk, she cheerfully hummed to herself.

Soon enough, she’d be in the cool, dimly lit confines of the changelings’ settlement. Not only was their small city deep underground, naturally cool and insulated by the earth, but the residents would soon be bowing a knee to her. Having never had a chance to taste luxury, her mind wandered to the delights she’d be treated to: fancy food, being waited on, manservants, and Celestia knew what other treats would await her!

With a spring in her step, and having to fight herself from jogging the entire way, Leech arrived faster than she could have anticipated. Of course, given her enthusiastic pace, her luggage, and the temperature, she was slightly bushed. Her feet hurt, she was covered in sweat, and she could use a drink, but she’d be able to relax soon enough.

Spying the opening of the hive, flanked by two drones, she waved energetically at them. Spotting her, the duo of guards watched her approach, yet they stood their ground. As Leech neared, she wiped her brow, attempting to look dignified. Maybe it was her slightly disheveled state, or the fact that she hadn’t arrived by carriage, but neither of the changelings looked particularly impressed.

“Jeez, not even a ‘Good day, my Queen’ from you two,” Leech chuckled, tossing her bag to the ground. “Since it’s your first day, I’ll forgive you. Anyways...Minions, see to my luggage! I’ll be on my throne!” she imperiously noted, strutting past the dumbfounded drones.

“ that the -” one of the guards began, gazing at the virtually naked mare’s rear.

“Yeah, that’s her. Were you around for her last visit?” the second asked, turning to his partner.

“No, but I heard about it. Didn’t she get plowed by Braconidae and a few drones in front of everyone?” the first inquired. His counterpart nodded, leaving him to watch the unicorn retreat into the hive.

In truth, neither of them had spoken with Leech before, even if she’d developed a bit of a reputation. Tales circulated around the colony of the dark succubus - a mare who could satisfy any beast. Most of the rumors of her had to be bullshit, simply fish stories from overly randy soldiers, yet they were left to wonder; if she was willing to show up wearing a sling bikini, the most useless parody of a swimsuit either had ever seen, what else could she be capable of.

Sauntering deeper and deeper into the cavernous lair, Leech tried to remember her way to the throne room. She passed a few drones along the way, each with a stunned expression, though she was left unmolested. As much as she wouldn’t mind being molested, there’d be plenty of time for that later - after all, she had already concocted a carelessly laid out plan.

Step one was already well underway. Since she was to be their ruler, she had to establish herself as the acting Queen - as such, she had to make damn sure everyone knew she was present. The second step was going to be a little more tricky. While she was sure Braconidae had left word of her temporary rule, that wasn’t going to cut it. No, she’d need some way to assert herself over her new subjects.

Coming to a fork in the tunnel, Leech slowed, as she spied a jarringly white figure approaching. Unlike the other drones she’s seen, all the pre-reformed, onyx toned variety, this stallion was completely alabaster. As he looked up at her, she noticed his eyes and head frill were both pink, cementing her suspicions that he was, in fact, some sort of albino.

“Hey, which way to the central chamber?” she asked, placing her hands on her hips.

“Oh - uh - it’s just down there,” the ivory changeling said, pointing down a corridor. “Just make your first left, a right, then your fourth left, you can’t miss it.”

Attempting and failing to memorize his directions, Leech trotted over to him. Looking him over, nodding to herself, she was stricken with an idea. Clearing her throat, she squared her shoulders and did her best to look august.

“Escort your Queen to the throne!” she commanded, her voice standing in stark contrast to her slutty aesthetic.

Ummm...Ok?” the drone murmured, shuffling back a step.

Shaking her head, noting his confusion, Leech decided it was time to show the hapless ‘ling who was boss. Stepping forward, she brazenly groped the bulge at his groin, causing the young stud to yelp in surprise; after all, nothing quite conveyed a sense of control like grabbing someone’s junk.

“If you serve me well, perhaps I’ll allow you to serve me,” she cooed, shooting him a wink. “Say,” she continued, fondling his package, “what’s your name?”

“T...Tineey,” he gulped, feeling himself harden. It seemed the legends about Leech the Lecherous were true, and he’d found himself in a rather precarious situation. “’s right this way, Queen,” he stammered, turning away from her.

HmmHmmHmm...Good,” Leech chuckled, licking her lips. “Lead the way.”

In a matter of minutes, the two had reached their destination. Save for two soldiers lounging by the entrance, the room was vacant. Surveying the area, remembering her last visit, Leech’s eyes finally settled on the throne - her throne. With a swagger in her step, the unicorn ascended the dais, to claim her seat.

“Tineey, can you round up everyone for me?” she called over her shoulder.

With a nod, the stallion scurried off to accomplish his task. Now alone with the two guards, Leech inspected the duo of armored changelings. Though they were sheathed in heavy plate, neither looked particularly professional; one fiddled with his spear, while the other openly eyed her. Since they looked bored, she figured she may as well begin the second phase of her preparations.

“Hey, you two, you’re supposed to be my guards, right?” she asked, kicking her feet from the side of the throne.

“Praetorians, yes,” the disinterested one nonchalantly replied, refusing to look at her.

“And you’re supposed to obey my commands?” Leech pressed, leaning forward.

“Yeah, until Braconidae returns,” the same, indifferent stallion sighed.

“Perfect. Well then, fetch me some royal jelly,” Leech intoned, smirking smugly.

She’d read all about the mystical goop, due to her interest in all things obscene. The substance, reserved solely for changeling matriarchs, allowed drones to transcend into queens. Besides increasing one’s magical abilities, it made subtle genetic and physiological differences, resulting in the individual becoming prolifically fertile and domineering. While she wasn’t sure what effect it would have on a unicorn, she was sure as hell going to give it a try.

“That’s only for Queens!” the talkative guard blurted, shocked by her request.

“That’s fine. You,” Leech purred, directing her attention to the second guard, “please your Queen and you’ll be rewarded.” Spreading her legs, she reclined and stroked her barely concealed marehood. Spying the dark, moistened flesh peeking from beneath her bikini, the changeling saluted and ran off. Chuckling to herself, she peered at the now lone guard. “Don’t worry, I’ll let you watch.”

Content with herself, and feeling very comfortable on her throne, Leech waited for her delivery of royal jelly. As the moments dragged on, drones began filing into the room. A few of them looked confused, but even more appeared rather apathetic about the summons. Queen Braconidae had likely told everyone of her passing rulership, so most were probably expecting some sort of official greeting. Sadly for them, they were going to be in for much, much more than that.

“Leech! Hey!” a voice called out, causing the mare to turn.

There, among the throng, was Copper. The kerchief clad drone looked chipper as ever, smiling and waving at her. Beside him was yet another familiar face. Tall and svelte, a zebra flippantly crossed his arms. Haan was, in fact, a changeling, even if he chronically disguised himself as a striped equine.

“Copper! Haan! Get up here, I’m gonna need your help with something!” Leech raucously bellowed, waving back at them. The act caused one tit to flop free, giving everyone a view of her nipple. Honestly speaking, if anyone was offended, she felt pity for them. Given what she had planned, no member of the hive would ever question her again.

As her two friends worked through the crowd, approaching the platform upon which she was seated, she noticed a commotion among the mob. Pushing his way past his fellow drones came Tineey. In his hands, cradled to his chest, was a small urn of indistinguishable origin. Leech squinted, watching him draw nearer. The vase, roughly the size of a pickle jar, looked odd.

“Excuse me! Pardon!” the albino changeling muttered, worming his way to the dais. Reaching the base of her throne, mere seconds before Haan and Copper, he rushed up the stairs to deliver his charge. Kneeling before his interim ruler, he reverently presented the vessel. “My Queen.”

“Tineey! Did you want to deliver this yourself?” Leech beamed, patting the top of his head.

“Y...Yes, my Queen,” he timidly mumbled, his snout less than a foot from her marehood.

Awwwww, thanks!” Leech said, plucking the peculiar pot from his hands. “No, wait, don’t leave! Stay right here, I’m gonna do a thing,” she hastily added, seeing him begin to move away. Obediently, with his pants slightly tented, he stepped to her side.

Gazing down at the urn, Leech had to admit, she’d never seen anything quite like it. For starters, it appeared to be made out of some sort of organic black resin. There was no clear way to open in, but there was a thin membrane covering what she assumed was the mouth of the thing. Troublingly, the contents seemed to have an eerie green glow, not unlike the color of changeling magic.

Poking at the film over the opening, her finger passed through it, right into the viscous, luminescent goo within. Retracting her digit, she examined the strange slime, going so far as to give it a sniff. The stuff didn’t smell that bad, though its appearance was woefully off-putting. Steeling her nerve, Leech opened her mouth and brought the slick digit to her lips - that was, until a panicked shout slowed her.

“Who in Tartarus thought it’d be a good idea to give her royal jelly?!?” Copper demanded, realizing exactly what she had. It wasn’t until he’d reached the base of her throne that he realized what she’d been handed

“Copper, you know our hive isn’t renowned for having the most - Ahem - sound minded drones,” Haan groaned, flipping his mane from his face.

“Yeah, the queen said she wanted jelly!” a voice called out from the crowd.

“You idiots don’t even know what that stuff would do to a pony!” Copper barked.

“We’re about to find out!” Leech squealed. Licking her lips, she hungrily dug her muzzle into the vase.

To her surprise, the viscous ooze didn’t taste bad at all; it sort of reminded her of zap apple jam, tart and slightly sweet. Tilting her head back, she wolfed the substance down, damn near draining the small earn in seconds. Pulling her snout from the container, she wiped her chin of the remnants and looked around. To her surprise, every eye in the room was fixated on her.

Normally, this wouldn’t have surprised her, given how she tended to traipse about in next to nothing, although this was different. Unless the changelings had some food fetish, or really liked watching a mare eat, she wasn’t sure why everyone looked so shocked. Discarding the vessel over her shoulder, letting it clatter on the ground behind her, she surveyed the assembly.

“What’s the big deal? Why is everyone so quiet?” Leech thought aloud, breaking the collective silence. The attention was quickly becoming uncomfortable, especially because it was eerily silent the room was.

“Leech...Are you feeling ok?” Haan asked, gently placing a hand on her shoulder.

“I mean, I guess? Why?” Leech countered, raising an eyebrow.

“Do you have any idea how that stuff is supposed to be taken?!” Copper squawked, dragging his palms over his face.

“No, not really. Queens eat it, I know that much. Was I supposed to share or something?” the mare innocently inquired, peering up at him.

“Alright, nobody panic, let’s all just -” Copper was cut off, as Leech demurely raised her hand.

“I feel tingly,” she giggled, blithely groping her bosoms.

TIME TO PANIC!” a nameless drone shouted, causing the room to erupt in chaos.

“Seriously, are you guys always such babies?! I feel fine. Hell, better than fine!” Leech fussed, stretching her arms.

“Leech, Queens eat a spoonful at a time! You just horked down something like fifty servings!” Copper lamented, taking a step back.

“No, really, there’s nothing to worry about!” Leech continued, getting to her feet. “It’s like I could - Ack!” she coughed, clutching at her chest.

Steadying herself on the throne, arcs of chartreuse energy sparked and flickered about her frame. The confusion and alarm of the throng magnified, as the ground itself began to tremble. A great many of the changelings bolted, scattering like insects, while a few stood their ground, too frightened or entranced to flee. Regardless, it was a scene of abject bedlam.

Tineey, Haan, and Copper took a step back, watching the madness unfold. An unearthly howl escaped Leech, exposing a set of markedly pronounced fangs, but it didn’t end there. Her eyes, previously a captivating amethyst color, had taken on an unholy green light. As her piercing cry subsided, she peered down at them.

“Sweet Celestia, what a RUSH!” Leech laughed. Studying her hands, clenching and unclenching her fists, she chuckled to herself.

“Leech, Honey, are you alright?” Haan questioned, inching forward.

It was such a silly question that Leech virtually ignored it. Never in her life, including that one time she chugged a gallon of caffeinated dragon spunk, had she ever felt so absolutely amazing. The raw power surged through her was astounding, although it was eclipsed by something else; something far more enthralling.

Beyond the overwhelming might, there was a nagging sensation - nay, an urge to complete her task. Some part of her sanity kept prodding at her, reminding her that she had a job to do. She was a Queen, the ruler of a fine hive, so she needed to act as such; as their newly crowned leader, that meant only one thing…

I’m going to fuck every single one of you…” Leech whispered, a rictus grin splitting her face.

She panned her head, taking stock of whom was left. A handful of drones, mostly stallions, transfixed, including Copper, Haan, and Tineey. The albino changeling looked positively delicious, standing there in his shirt and shorts. Without preamble, she launched herself at him. Toppling him backward, with a strength she didn’t know she had, she rended the garments from his frame.

“Guys, hel - Ack!” Tineey croaked, feeling her fangs sink into his neck.

Hastily crawling on top of her prey, Leech stroked the drone’s hardening ivory cock. Interestingly enough, it had small ridges on its underside, leaving her to wonder how they’d feel gliding in and out of her snatch. With his back to the floor, pinned beneath her, she straddled him and ground her marehood over his stiffening length.

Who’s your Queen?” she purred, reaching back and guiding him to her drooling entrance.

“ are,” Tineey whimpered, feeling the heat of her nethers against his painfully tender flesh.

He felt hot, almost feverish, yet that was the least of his concerns. Unbeknownst to him, the massive overdose of royal jelly had augmented the unicorn, both enhancing her magical abilities and altering her biology. Normally, changelings were immune to their own venom, although the chimeric toxin of a bastard queen proved too much to bear.

Good,” the mare cooed, unceremoniously rocking back to impale herself upon him.

The sensation of marking him, conquering the stallion below her, eclipsed the unrefined physical bliss coursing through her body. Every nerve, each neuron fired faster and stronger than it ever had, pushed beyond their natural limitations by the transmutative jelly she’d consumed. Still, regardless of how rapturous the experience was, she wanted more.

Tineey gasped, as the hot, velvety folds of Leech’s sex caressed his length. Sure, he’d been with a number of mares before, and even a few stallions, but they paled in comparison to the sensation she afforded. Impulsively, he grasped her waist, digging his fingers into her soft flesh, as he drove his hips upwards.

Hmmmm,” Leech hummed contentedly. With the snow white drone taking some initiative, driving his striated length into her cunt, she was left to further sate her bottomless lust. Looking upward, her eyes met yet another anomaly. Almost every drone in the hive had a black, porous hide, save for Tineey and...

You,” she groaned, spying Haan, “come here.” Eldritch fire leapt from her horn, levitating the svelte zebra to herself. Magically stripping him, while he floated nearer, she continued rutting herself on Tineey. Spying her friend’s floppy black appendage, her mouth began to water.

Struggling against his sorcerous bonds, Haan couldn’t escape. “Copper, little help!” he bleated, anxiously glancing at his fellow drone.

“No! No, this is good! You two keep her occupied, I’ll be right back!” Copper hollered, turning towards one of the main exit tunnels.

“But I’m not really into mares!” Haan protested, as he approached the salacious and power mad matriarch.

This will help,” Leech giggled. Just when her striped friend hovered into striking distance, she reached out and pulled him in. Like a striking serpent, she bit his inner thigh, delivering a massive dose of her venom. “Now,” she began, tenderly kissing area she’d nibbled, “fuck my face.”

Despite his preference for large, hulking stallions, Haan found it hard to argue. As he was released from her magical clutches, he stepped to her face, over Tineey’s head, and compliantly brought his stiffening member towards her maw. Part of his mind realized he was under the influence of her poison, driven to obey, yet it mattered little. As her warm, succulent lips wrapped around the crown of his tool, he sighed in delight.

Leaving Tineey and Haan to their fate, Copper rushed out of the room. “Go, jump in!” he implored, passing three stallions on his way out.

“And do what?” one asked, apparently content to watch the show.

“Fuck her! Fuck her brains out! It’s the only chance we have!” he commanded.

Celestia help them if Leech actually escaped. Temporary or not, the world could scarcely handle a sexually overclocked and magically overpowered strumpet of her caliber - no, there was only one solution that he could think of. Maybe, if they were really lucky, they could dick her into a stupor. Sure, it was a long shot, especially given the fact that she was juiced on an entire damned crock of royal jelly, but it was the only chance they had to stop her.


Like a dervish of pouting lips, nimble tongue, agile hands, snug ass, and juicy snatch, Leech was an unstoppable maelstrom of flesh and licentious intent. Though she’d begun her subjugation of the hive with Haan and Tineey, she soon found her herself besieged by more and more drones. Like lambs to the slaughter, they threw themselves at her, yet it was all for naught.

Her inherent lascivious nature was exponentially magnified, essentially elevating her beyond mortal levels of depravity and sensual expertise. Time itself, for her, seemed to dilate, allowing her to tactically strike and stimulate erogenous zones with preternatural precision and skill. Mares, stallions, it made no difference; anyone or anything that dared oppose her was quickly reduced to a gibbering, climaxing mass of limp limbs and satiated naughty bits.

“You dare oppose your Queen!” she bellowed, casting a quivering changeling female to the floor. Slick with juices, heaving air into her chest, she wheeled around, eyeing a quartet of stallions surrounding her. Licking orgasmic nectar from her fingers, she leered at them each in turn. “Come get some…”


Rushing through the tunnels, stopping every drone he came across, Copper gathered as many of his fellow changelings as he could. Most listened, running back to aid their hive-mates in carnal combat, yet a few refused and fled. Cearly, they didn’t comprehend the magnitude of depravity that could be unleashed upon the surface, should Leech escape.

As time dragged on, scouring the burrows, he knew time as of the essence. There may be a few of his fellow brothers or sisters he’d missed, but he’d checked almost everywhere. Nodding to himself, steeling his resolve, Copper turned. Time had come to face his destiny, even if it meant being drained dry. His walk shifted into a jog, as he made his return to the throne room.

Transforming into a cheetah, Copper made it back in just over a minute. Stepping into the chamber, he slowed and took stock of the situation. The room looked like a war-zone, albeit an exceedingly sticky one. Moans and groans filled the air, as well as a wet, rhythmic sound of flesh impacting flesh.

Stallions and mares lie sprawled across the floor, and there was even one draped across the throne. Each of them, bar none, was coated in some combination of feminine nectar, spunk, saliva, or a cocktail of the three.

“Is that - Mmmph - all you got,” Haan grunted.

“No, not at all,” Leech growled, clenching herself around his length.

Pinned against a wall, Haan was somehow able to maintain his zebra camouflage. Beleaguered, drenched in sweat, and looking like he’d suffered through a gang bang, he endured. Leech, though she appeared somewhat weathered, maintained her determined, damn near fanatical composure.

Judging from her gut, Copper guessed she had at least a dozen loads in her, with as much or more coating her hide. Still, while her movements were only barely slowed, he realized they couldn’t let up. Spotting Tineey, who was attempting to crawl away from the massacre, he rushed over to the fallen stallion.

“Quick, get up,” he urged, helping the albino to his feet. “We’ve got to stop her.”

“How?! She’s a meat grinder, almost literally, there is no stopping that!” Tineey lamented, watching her ruthlessly rut herself on Haan.

“No, we can win. Just follow my lead,” Copper whispered.

Sprinting over to Leech, Copper put his plan into action. Standing her up, pulling her off of Haan’s bruised and weary tool, he spun her away from himself. Locking his arms around her torso, clasping his hands beneath her bosoms, he roared furiously and executed the most exquisite german suplex anyone had ever seen.

Taken woefully off guard by the unexpected wrestling move, Leech found herself pinned upside down on her shoulders. Twisting her head, she noticed whom had so rudely interrupted her. Copper squirmed beneath her, almost as if he was repositioning himself to…

Ramming his hips upward, Copper jammed every inch of his girth into Leech’s ass. Truly, the fates had guided his cock, considering it had been a completely blind jab. Regardless, his thrust had landed true, burying his dick deep into her backdoor.

“Fuck her! Fuck her like your life depended on it!” Copper thundered, as he began recklessly pounding her tush.

Like sharks smelling blood in the water, his fatigued brood-mates descended upon her. Every hole was filled, occasionally with more than one member at a time, and her hands were left to paw at changeling puss or the odd stallionhood. No part of her was left undefiled; even her armpits and the back of her knees were made use of.

Leech would have protested, were it not for the fact that her gob was unrelentingly occupied with someone’s junk. Not only were the changelings wearing her down physically, but they were steadily draining her of her non-corporeal essence. Foal batter surged into every orifice, stuffing her like some wanton pastry. Slowly, her endurance began to fade, being replaced by raw ecstasy.

She didn’t know how long it had been, how many times she’d cum, or how many gallons of jizz had been pumped onto or into her. Coming to, in a pool of cooling spunk and climactic fluids, she looked around. The few changelings who were conscious groaned or weakly twitched, having been rutted into a stupor.

Dragging herself over their bodies, Leech headed towards the throne. She’d done it, she’d fucked every single one of them. Sure, she’d probably be walking funny for a day or four, be farting cum for the better part of a week, and be sneezing out jizz for a while, but she’d won. Mindlessly hauling herself forward, she slowed, as she noticed a figure approaching.

Blinking the seed out of her eyes, trying to focus, Leech held her breath. There, making a beeline towards her, was Queen Braconidae. The matriarch only halted when she was looming over her. She gulped, under the cold, calculating gaze of the hive’s true ruler. Before she could say anything, a small laugh escaped the sovereign.

“Forgot my bag,” Braconidae began, displaying her purse. Surveying the viscous devastation, she smiled to herself. “Well then, since you have the situation in hand, I’ll leave you to it. Before I return, do remember to clean up,” she nonchalantly continued, giving Leech a curt nod. With that, she turned and made her leave, reminiscing on a similar experience of her own.

Grinning like an idiot, Leech collapsed to the floor. After spotting Braconidae, she figured she was about to get a royal tongue lashing or worse, yet nothing had come to pass. On the cusp of passing out, having nearly suffered a heart attack at seeing the Queen, she figured she deserved a nap. There’d be time to clean up later, even if it meant having some of her subjects wash her of their collected juices…