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vaguely familiar

For those playing at home, their previous meetings were extremely brief and, y'know, when Flurry Heart was a literal baby.

This was a collab with Hatter's Lye (Twitter @HattersLye). He's made an animation to go with it! Go check out his stuff!!!

For now, at least, it's behind a $10 paywall, just so everyone knows.

It'll be released for free to the public soon, no worries!

Because you voluntarily came to this site, clicked on this story, typed out a comment, and then waited for some sort of reply?

Not exactly what I meant, but good answer nonetheless.

This was a fun story. Good shit, Leech.

It's either two weeks or a month. Honestly, I forget.
That being said, his supporters get input on his projects and stuff, not to mention early access to his works. Just something to consider.

Flurry, in all her resplendently seed and egg engorged glory, shakily stepped off the bed. Smiling back at her, looking as if she was on the cusp of delivering septuplets, she smiled.

Damn, how many eggs does the slut princess got in there?! Oooh, the scandal this girl is gonna cause. Not only is she hugely pregnant with royal bastards, but imagine the look on Cadance and Shining's faces when she births an entire hives' worth of changeling babies--sired by one of their mortal enemies, no less!

Yeah, I imagine even Chrysalis would have a hard time keeping up with the daughter of the princess of love

each prolific teste

If you're not going with the usual "testicle", the singular is "testis".

Art credit is ScorpDK, derpi number 2521902

It would be nice to have a follow-up sequel to this, but still, this is a wonderfully, masterfully craft that I have ever read (I'm biased for my queen) even this is a one-shot story.

I hope you can plan on making a sequel to this I like to see the type of trouble these two will get into

This was a beyond epically sexy and cute I hope they get together and there's a sequel.

One more a huge oneshot that will glow brightly in the dark. Hurray for blacklight :yay:

If you like Chrysalis, stay tuned. I've got a >80k word count book I'm writing with her

Mom and Dad rule over the Crystal Empire

...One of them's not an alicorn. How?

I’m the only Princess who hasn’t tried to imprison or reform you

Has Celestia or Luna ever tried to "imprison or reform" Chrysalis? Definitely Twilight, but I don't remember any other alicorn trying to do either.
Then again, it's not like I ever watched the finale episodes, so Celestia, Luna and/or Cadence might've tried both then instead of just Twilight (and friends).

I mean, nopony tried to imprison or reform Chrysalis in the poorly-written Wedding episodes, since she got Team Rocket-ed by Cadence and Shining. From memory, it was Thorax and Starlight who tried to reform the Queen the next time, not any Princesses, but she fled. Nopony noticed Chrysalis when she created those "dark" duplicates that got melted by the Tree.

According to the comics, Celestia is directly responsible for changeling leg-holes, and stuffed them all in a volcano afterwards. You've got me on Luna though.

That was fun, but it feels like part of a longer story.

Two days later, Queen Chrysalis reveals herself and begs to be sent as far away from that insatiable nympho princess as possible. She will do anything, even agree to never try to take over Equestria again. Even full color change reform if she has to. Just get her somewhere far from that alicorn succubus as possible.

Just as Twilight Sparkle planned. 😜

I thought the comics were largely non-canon; that they took episodes produced prior to their production as canon, but if later episodes contradict the comics the show always won canonicity rights - so Celestia might not be responsible for that in show canon.

According to the actual producers of the show, they are all canon. I take this to mean that contradictions are to be resolved in the same way as when the show contradicts itself. Which it probably does, although don't ask me for specifics.

Is there a link to the artwork?

That's most pure insanity. If it's half as hot as this one I'm so reading that :moustache:

It will be my magnum opus; a raunchy epic to span the ages!

Derpi ID 2521902

Can't link NSFW stuff directly

Holy Shit. I love that slutty seductive Flurry Heart. Tbis story struck a chord deep inside me. I need moar. Moar! (LoL)
You sure got the image right; that image and this character is in perfect sinc!
King Sombra must've rubbed off her when she was little. (LOL)
Though that 200 years later ticks me off in inexplicable ways... it was perfect. Or perfect until your 'Magnum Opus' comes up. More slutty Chrysalis and Flurry! (Hopefully) Looking forward to more!

Hmm, I see "rowdy", plenty of it. But where's "rehab" part?

The alternative title I had in mind was Perverse Parole

Besides the balls which hung from her groin, with each prolific teste able to produce pints of spunk daily, she maintained a number of viable ovum within her abdomen. Should the need arise, she could impregnate virtually any living creature to continue her lineage. She was, in a very real sense, a breeding machine made flesh and, apparently, the licentious Princess had heard tell of her abilities .


“Ruin me! Just fucking pin me down and use any hole you want. Pack my fertile little womb with eggs or every glorious drop of the seed you’ve got stored in those cum tanks - hell, maybe both! Can you do both?!” Flurry cried. “Holy fuck , I’d look like such a slut . Walking around the castle, looking nine months pregnant with a trail of hot spunk creeping down my inner thigh,” she continued, visibly shivering with excitement.

Warning! Reaching critical horny!

You just love it when Chryssie pops that dick that makes everyone a seedbed.

I'm gonna steal that line.

I try me best. I'll send you something (it's not NSFW).

So that leaves with Cozy Glow...

Puts gun up to your head

Always has been.

Admittedly, I went kind of hard in the paint with this one!

The description mentioned oral, but I didn't see any?

Fuck, that's totally my bad.
Muscle memory had me type it :fluttershbad:

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