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Poor Shining... he had a heart attack twice . First due to the fact that his sister fucked his daughter hard. And the second, when he finds out what she fucked her with.
Too bad the story ended there. It would be nice to read a few more stories with the misadventures of these two. Perhaps... with the addition of all the other alicorns to the fun. :twilightsmile:

i... want more
not just the porn but the story too. what happens after? what will the family think? i want to read more!

jimerjam #3 · April 12th · · 11 ·

I wish so many good stories weren't futa

When did that shiny stuff happen I don't see it in the fanfic anywhere I'm confused

This is a translator's error. The untranslated sentence had the meaning "Shining will have a heart attack twice." And the reasons for these events are described further in the paragraph.

that was really a flurry of emotions! the sex as the crunchy (raunchy) crust and the rational parts are just the icing on the cake. it is indeed reckless but really believable!

would like to see how life continued, and hopefully flurry heart's cutie mark can have other endings. this……shouldn't be the end for her.

B_25 #8 · April 12th · · ·

Welcome back!


I have certain ideas for how this could be continued and the space is definitely open for the sequel. But for now, this is the whole story. I do like to end them in a way that still teases some future continuation.


Why would this be the end for her? it's only the beginning of her new life as Twilight's fuckpet!

Heeeey! Thanks, it always feels nice to be publishing some saucy Twidom. :twilightsmile:

The Legend returns 😊😍🥰

Hiii! Thank you for your support! Always great to hear from you. :raritywink:

well, i suppose you're right!:twilightsmile: that would be quite a sight for sore eyes, heh.

but seriously, all things considered, twilight's attitude throughout this incident, that crystal, flurry's cutie mark, they're some really good bait for drama, mystery, and relationship development. just saying that it would be really awesome. Should you choose to continue this some day then we'll surely like it, too.

Forgot to mention, while reading again, I find that scene where twilight caresses and teases flurry's face to be the most impressive, it's such a gentle action, but it speakes a lot, and it's quite intimate in a special and uncommon way!
also i have to say twilight's rational behavior and actions of responsibility during is sexy raf (that stands for sexy, respectable and fun!)

and apparently this is your comeback story? welcome back!

I was waiting when you'd show up :rainbowlaugh:
Do you happen to have a team of assistants monitoring FimFiction for incest fics? :trollestia:

Bonus chapter?

Surprisingly well-done clopfic!

I was particularly impressed with the extended scene where Flurry teased Twi’s cock with her pussy. Would have been easy to just make that a perfunctory moment, but you made it into a magnificent way to build tension and desire.


Thank you! I wanted to give Flurry a proper opportunity to be a brat. In a sense, she's not only teasing Twilight but also the reader of the story as well. Unfortunately, I had to cut the action that follows shorter than I would've liked since the story was already getting way longer than expected but I hope that doesn't undermine it too much. :twilightsheepish:

It didn't even occur to me she didn't have her cutie mark yet. That's certainly gonna be an awkward thing to see for the rest of the family even though the societal implications are that they should be happy :trollestia:

So is school troubles going to get updated or what oh and great story by the way

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