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Pusspuss #1 · Mar 9th, 2019 · · 9 ·

That art is crap and you should feel bad for using it. And the artist is a dick bag. No one likes him.

It's also pretty much the only anthro RainbowXSpitfire pic on Derpibooru that could work as a cover art for this story. Plus, I don't see how Wintermist should have known about what the artist is like.

Pusspuss #4 · Mar 9th, 2019 · · 1 ·

The joke is... I made the art.

God don't be such an ass.

You're a genius.
Marry Me, you wonderful person.

Wow, a Wintermist story! Not the story we’re hoping for (and obsessively checking for), but still great. It makes me wonder about the other flyers there; did Fleetfoot and the rest know what was happening? Has it happened to others before? Spitfire was so self-assured, it can’t have been the first time she’s done something like this. Especially liked the ending, where the fantasy that Spitfire knew and controlled everything fades away and they have to build a real relationship in the messy real world. That contrast makes the fantasy all the more real in retrospect, and you do that sort of thing so well.

Well, then we can safely agree on one thing. You are a dick bag. But more seriously, you really suck at conveying sarcasm.

And you suck at research and checking sources. Pusspuss literally always does this. If you can't understand obvious sarcasm and jokes, then you shouldn't be insulting people who make them on the internet.

I didn't check the source because I'd already seen the full picture, I just hadn't noticed it was made by Pusspuss and didn't think of it since I'm more used to associating that name with non-anthro stuff. Didn't know he always did this. But I will point out that at no point did I ever insult him. My first comment actually ended up being a compliment, seeing as I said his art was the only usable one, and in case you haven't noticed the second one was sarcastic, once I became aware of the joke I played along with it. I simply pointed out how the original joke was poorly coveyed, which if you look at all the dislikes the comment got is actually pretty evident.


Glad to hear I'm not the only one checking multiple times a day for that certain story

9498536 There was actually a little bit of dialogue that I cut because it interrupted the emotional flow, which touched on that. Boiled down to Rainbow asking if Spitfire was dating/dominating anypony else right then (she isn't) and if she'd pulled this kind of stunt in the shower before (she totally has).

Re: She totally pulled this stunt before.

Suddenly, the shower stops working! Uh-oh. You look around, catch everypony studiously not noticing. Your cousin clued you in before orientation: you’re pretty sure this isn’t the custodians fault. Do you ‘encourage’ the plumbing... or not?

You're the only author that makes me so disappointed each time my favourite story isn't what's being released, then immediately redeem yourself once I'm halfway through it. Keep up the fantastic work!

I... like this one. It's about time SOMEONE did a RainbowFire Fic.

While the commission prices are a bit too much for me to feel comfortable asking for a sequel, I do hope someone else commissions one where the roles are reversed.

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