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Twilight had made her choices. She had decided to draw a line for her actions and never cross it again. But how long can she stop herself if there's no one else there to stop her? How long can she stop herself when there's someone who wants her to cross that line, a voice she can't ignore that tells her to go back to what she once was?

This story takes place in the same universe as Wintermist's "Friendship is Mind Control: Consequences".

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Nice, I like it :pinkiesmile:.

A bit "telly" but good.

That was nice, I like your portrayal of Twilight's internal struggle. Her old self versus her "reformed" self.
Not to mention I feel like this struggle is meant to echo Nightmare Moon in some ways, that perhaps Twilight has a dark presence worming its way into her conscious by assuming the form of what FiMC Twilight fears the most: herself.

Very ambitious . . . I like it! Glad wintermist linked this, interesting concept and good execution. I could hardly ask for more
Brohoof /)

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