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Now witness the power of this filly armed and operational battlestation.

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Looking forward to this


And quite a bit that you'll be rewarded with, I can promise you that.

Well, this looks like fun for everyone involved. Here's to the next installment.

By our powers combined... :flutterrage:

Anyway, yea, twas a blast co-authoring this! :twilightsmile:

As the rush of hormones assaulting their bodies slowly began to die down, it left behind a drowsy afterglow of contentment and appreciation in its wake. With both of them still panting heavily, Zapp flopped down and rolled off of Mare-velous’s chest, laying on the cool, smooth concrete roof of the building they’d chosen for their escapade. The two of them stared up at the light-pollution-choked stars of Ponyville's night sky for a few precious moments, interrupted only by occasional sounds of contentment, before turning their heads simultaneously towards each other. Crisp green silently gazed into sparkling fuchsia, neither mare needing words to describe what the other meant to them in that moment.

This is probably my favorite paragraph I've ever written, and I don't even ship AppleDash ahaha. Aftercare cuddling is consistently top-tier.


I'll be sure to let every one of my follower know when it comes.

You can mash my mound anytime!


And there's far more to come this time, Zach! From me and ArDee alike!

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