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A ute? No El Comino?

Rolling Thunder is an Aussie pone, after all. ;P


messy shark blowjobs

A shark? Huh? I'm confused.

my OC, Gulfstream, is a shark-pony. should've clarified.

Excellent work

Will you do a sequel to Gamer at heart with a grown up save slot or at least make a fic featuring Big Mac and pear butter( that pairing is more rare than you think)


that pairing is more rare than you think

Really? Because one of the characters canonically died when the other was barely old enough to understand what that meant, so I'd think it would be pretty rare due to people putting more stock in canonicity than it actually deserves (especially for something that Hasbro would never endorse, like incest porn)

Well yeah but this is fanfiction, canonicity isn't something that holds that much weight in this type of thing.

It shouldn't, and yet so many people act like it does. Most hilarious was a comment on a FoME story where the person's short bio was "canon only matters if you let it" or some other thing that made the comment itself too hypocritical to take seriously.

True but people just do what they want on these sites

An absolute banger of a story my guy, holy fuck.

Good job on this!

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