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Nice work. Maybe go with one of the Mane 6 next for a session with some stud? I'd love to see Rarity, Applejack, or Fluttershy get their fun with some hunk of a stallion.

Part of me want Sugar Belle to show up after this....and the aftermath.....hehehe:trollestia:

For some reason, it makes me VERY happy that everyone who writes/draws Anthro seems to agree that Big Mac is, as the name indicates, a very large stallion.

Well, the name makes it obvious he wouldn't be anything else.


Actually, I think I remember a fic where he was just "Mac" and he was shorter than AJ. It was really weird.

Strange. Still, always great to see him being the big guy that can dominate the girls he gets with. I bet if he were to get with any of the Mane 6, Rarity and Fluttershy would love their own time with him most.

She could have gone with him to the room. XD


Oh I certainly agree. I don't think I've ever seen any RarityxBig Mac though. Weird, considering how much Rarijack there is.

I don't think there's that many stories here, but I know I've seen enough art on derpibooru

I actually liked the way Big Mac was portrayed here, he doesn't say much, but his internal monologuing is entirely in character. And, he doesn't NEED to say much. He can let his actions do the work. Shit like that puts you miles above your average clopfic writer.

Oh man, I've got so much stuff in my backlog to post.
Got at least three pieces involving hunks, although two of them are of the M/M variety

Just as long as the girls get their chance.

Oh, most definitely. But another part of me can see Generosity and Kindness not just with Mac but a certain draconic stud as well...particularly if is shape is comparable him in 'The Last Problem'

:twilightblush: I can't help it; I can really see Spike and Mac as bros, so its not that hard to imagine them with Shy and Rare at the same time :raritywink:

I can see a tag team happening with either. Maybe even swap girls halfway through before a shared finish for the girls to have facials. XD That would be appropriate if they were at the spa.

This was an unexpected pair that I never thought I would read. It was really good. Loved how Stellar Flare was in this and how Big Mac was portrayed.

Stella and Big Mac, I never thought of shipping those two, but the ide has merit!

Alright, imma just toss out an idea and see if you take it.

This but with Rarity and Soarin in the Wonderbolts locker room.

oh lovely more MILFs please

I'd love to see Big Mac with Twilight Velvet at some point. In Twilight's room at the Palace.

Big Mac, the MILF slayer

Indubitably. Though my own shipping tendencies would want Twilight Sparkle to be part of it as well-Big Mac can easily make her a MILF as well. :raritywink:

Speaking of Big Mac and MILF how about a clopfic of Big Mac and Spoiled Rich?

I actually do have some more Big Mac action in the pipe
Stay tuned

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