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Arcane Pseudonazi Bugmoose / Changelings are better

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Oh wow, you even wrote a brain stimulation fic; I always loved that concept of directly sending pleasure to your brain, so thanks for writing this!

I wonder would this slowly make her IQ drop as well?

I just came here for mind manipulation, not vaguely Nazi rhetoric on wiping out the genetically inferior. What the actual fuck, dude?

... Oh. Just read the user description. That might have helped.

Hey. I like your stuff. I probably will end up writing fics without the rhetoric, so you can look forward to that I suppose.

I honestly am more interested in an extended induction and programming sequence with a carnal finale, or the honey trap formulae. however I'm with implausible Denial, in that group superiority tends to drop the suspension of disbelief which makes the clop no matter how well written a might bit less interesting.

but nonetheless this was a good story, just not my full cup of tea. was hoping to see the initial training, and full induction, not just skipping to the finish. but still here's a thumb.

Too bad the changelings would kill themselves too if no other species was around to feel love.

Yeah, ditto. Mind control can be a fun kink in literature and changelings are awesome, but this?

All my nope

Changelings can feel and share love by themselves. That was kind of the whole point of Thorax's transformation.

I saw it as changelings being able to share the love they harvested from other non changelings between themselves, not being able to generate it themselves.
But it's your story.

I don't plan on reading this, since mind-control isn't really my fetish (even more so having read the comments), but I did have a question about the tag since I've never come across it. What is "CS/NCT?"


in that group superiority tends to drop the suspension of disbelief

So, no different than the "Humans Are Superior" group, then. :trollestia:

That would stand for Changeling Superiority and Nonhostile Changeling Takeover, respectively. The terms are better explained in the Changeling Superiority group, as the longer description of the story says.

Nothing weird in enjoying the sight of a lower creature embracing their inferiority.

This is really fucked up.
I love it. Mind break is the bomb.

Well, I think it's safe to say that the dawn has satisfied her lust:ajsmug:.

This is really hot. Ponies being treated like an inferior being is always hot

well, maybe we can have later a sequel to see what happens with male studens and female changelings

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